Leoma Lovegrove

Leoma Lovegrove is Matlacha Island's renowned and well-loved artist, her paintings have brought joy to many!

I love all the bright colors, the energy, and the themes of her paintings .... Florida fish, flora, and fauna to name a few..... and then there's the Beatles or Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

While you're in Southwest Florida, Lovegrove Gallery is a stop that's not to be missed, whether you're interested in Florida artists or not.

Every aspect of the gallery is a piece of art ....... she even paints radios, books, and upholstered chairs.

lovegrove gallery

Her gallery is filled with wonderful paintings of all sizes that can't help but give you a happy feeling.  I had a hard time getting a shot of the inside of the gallery because it's always packed with customers and art-lovers!

leoma lovegrove paintings

Then, there's the garden behind the gallery ...... the whole place is a work of art as well, and features Leoma's creativity in many forms such as pieces from Leoma's clothing line sold at Bealls, to start with.

You can also buy gift items online at Bealls, at their store, at the gallery itself, or at other local retailers.

florida artists

You'll get a kick out of walking over the little bridges and along paths that are with decorated with bottle sculptures, art pieces, boats, and, well ...... you never know what!

leoma lovegrove art

There's a stage for events, and behind it, a place to sit and relax out by the water.

leoma lovegrove

They have bins of painted coconuts there that you can purchase to send to friends and family.

leoma lovegrove paintings sale

Go for a boat tour in a boat painted with Leoma's artwork from the dock at the back of the gallery's gardens.

You can even take a painting class, offered under the big tent outside in the garden.

art classes

Leoma Lovegrove's paintings sell for lots of money, but you can purchase smaller ones and prints for reasonable prices. They are available in miniature to larger sizes.

Every year in early April there's a global event called Slow Art Day, where you go to a participating gallery, meditate on several featured pieces of art, and then go out to lunch at an area restaurant to discuss the art with the artists.

It's so interesting to hear what different people get out of a painting or photograph, and then to find out what the artist had in mind with their creation.

Lovegrove Gallery participates in this event and I've been fortunate enough to go twice.  In 2014, we went to Miceli's and for 2016, we went to Bert's Bar.

slow art day

Leoma also does a type of performance art where she will paint to music during a church service as a form of sermon/worship.

She loves to get up every day and paint something that she's never painted before.  No matter what she paints, you can tell that she loves what she does .... and so do the rest us!

Leoma Lovegrove Gallery
4637 Pine Island Rd NW


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