Palm Frond Art

Palm Frond Art - You'll love and want to collect the colorful and realistic fish paintings created by Florida artist, Dale Werner!

dale werner

Fishing is a top sport in Florida and if you love to fish, you'll want to get a trophy of your favorite fish, your biggest catch, or the fish you fought the longest to catch.

Instead of dealing with the cost and hassle of mounting a real fish on your wall, you can put up fish art instead.

Wooden wall plaques can be quite expensive, but Dale has created affordable wall plaques using the palm fronds, husks, and other parts of palm trees to make the kind of fish you'd find in Southwest Florida ........ Grouper, Tilapia, Red Snapper, Largemouth Bass, Parrot Fish, Mahi Mahi (Dolphinfish), Snook, Dolphin, Permit, Redfish, and even other fish such as Whales.

He collects the materials locally ....... carefully cuts each one according to its shape, and paints each layer of color and texture using various techniques.

fish paintings

Some of the fish are painted to look beautifully iridescent and catch the light in a realistic way that mimic the scales on real fish.

Bear in mind that when using natural materials, each piece is unique and therefore, one-of-a-kind!

Most of the wall plaques measure 24" - 48" and run about $25 - $150.

fish art

My favorites are the really colorful fish like the Mahi Mahi and Parrot Fish ..... I also like the Bass that's displayed in branches, perfect for an art piece on a living room or dining table.

palm frond fish

Dale also paints other themes besides the fish ...... you'll find patriotic palm fronds with American flags and eagles in appreciation of our military's service, as well as wall plaques with a retro-40's Hawaiian look.

palm frond art

Contact him at Dale Werner Artworks for more information on how you can purchase his art and which shows he sells it at ........ tell him Tammy sent you! 

Ask about his landscape paintings on canvas of beach scenes, landscapes, plus custom work, and wall murals.

mural artist

Dale studied art at The Platt Art College in Eagle Rock, California and has been working professionally in the art and design field for many years.

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