Cape Coral Weather

Cape Coral Weather is the best!  So much warmth and sunshine, pool or beach anyone?!

From daytime highs of 75 degrees in January to days of 95 degrees in August, we have on average, only 10 days each year that are not sunny.

Our Cape Coral climate is subtropical, which means moderate, dry winters ...... and hot, humid, rainy summers.

We average about 53 inches of rain each year.

Most people think it's too hot down here in the summer, but I'm more comfortable here in the summer than I was when I lived in Connecticut.

That's because we have the constant comfort of our air conditioner, which is on from April through November.

And, most of winter is like a lovely spring day up north, but with lots of sun and little rain. 

Below, I have several links to live streaming webcams in various locations nearby:

SW Florida Webcams

Sunrise and Sunset Times

We are fortunate to have gulf breezes, so it's often cooler here in the summer than northern states and the interior of Florida.

In Florida, if I'm outside in the heat, either I'm at the pool or walking to it.

Back in Connecticut I had asked myself, would I rather go from heat to heat, or a/c to a/c ...... you know the answer!

  • Dry season is from October to May. Winters are very pleasant and sunny. Cape Coral weather is seldom dreary and gray, we may have a few gloomy days around Christmas, but the temperatures are often still in the low 80's. We usually have a little cold spell in November that lasts a day or two, and maybe another one in February.I normally have to put the heat on for a total of 6 or 7 days the whole winter. Some winters are colder and rainier than usual, so I've had to put the heat on more often; but for many winters, I haven't had to put the heat on at all!There is danger from brush fires at the end of dry season, with most of the fires in May.
  • Rainy season lasts from May to October. Typically, there's a rainstorm most afternoons lasting 45-90 minutes, but it is sunny before and after the rain. Get yourself a mini-umbrella to stick in your bag or purse!
  • Hurricane season lasts from June 1st-November 1st. The best chance for hurricanes is in August and September. Fortunately, Cape Coral is in a part of Florida that doesn't get hit with them as much as other parts of the country. Sometimes summer storms bring damage from small tornadoes and you need to watch out for water twisters.

Did you know this?  Cape Coral is one of the safest places to live if you have asthma because of the weather and climate, and other factors.

Be aware that SW Florida is the lightning capital of the world. Do not mess around when storms threaten, get out of the pool, off the golf course, and away from the beach.

Get inside if you can and make sure your kids are inside as well. Each year we hear about kids getting struck and killed while in the pool.

To play it safe, you can get a lightning detection app on your smartphone such as "Lighting Finder" or "WeatherBug Spark".

Your car is grounded and offers protection, though on rare occasions cars get hit and can be severely damaged. Here are some interesting facts:

  • Most lightning strikes occur at the beginning and end of storms.
  • The average strike is 6 miles long!
  • In Florida, on average 10 people are killed by lightning strikes each year.
  • The voltage can be over 100 million volts.

Getting back to a happier subject, our favorite months to go to the beach are March, April, October and November when the temperatures are in the low 80's....... perfect!   Of course, you can enjoy the beaches anytime all year round.

When my parents lived in Connecticut, they got USA Today. Through the winter, they always checked Cape Coral weather, and it was often the warmest spot on the map. 

Now they live here!  They had planned to move to Kansas City to retire but stayed with me for the month of March one year and couldn't resist moving here instead.

Here's another bit of information ......... I was happy to find out recently that the Cape is considered by several sources to be the best place to live in the whole country for those suffering from asthma.  It helps that we don't have cold weather, we have consistent pollen levels, and little or no air pollution.

Cape Coral weather is my kind of weather!

cape coral weather

Average Temperatures and Rainfall for Cape Coral

Average Temperature
Average Rainfall
74 F High - 53 F Low
1.84 inches
75 F High - 54 F Low
2.23 inches
80 F High - 58 F Low
3.07 inches
85 F High - 62 F Low
1.06 inches
89 F High - 68 F Low
3.87 inches
91 F High - 73 F Low
9.52 inches
91 F High - 75 F Low
8.26 inches
91 F High - 75 F Low
9.66 inches
90 F High - 74 F Low
7.82 inches
86 F High - 69 F Low
2.94 inches
80 F High - 61 F Low
1.57 inches
76 F High - 55 F Low
1.53 inches

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