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Best Ice Cream in Cape Coral - it's so hard to choose - creamy vanilla with raspberry and chocolate, swirly soft ice cream, gelato in tropical fruit flavors, blackberry chip, key lime pie, and more.

One of the great things about living in Florida is you can enjoy ice cream all year round without freezing your buns off!

Cape Coral has some really charming shops that make fresh ice cream from local ingredients as well as small chains that make ice cream in all your favorite flavors.

We also have a couple of gelato places too.  If you haven't tried this Italian ice cream yet, you should .......... it's so creamy and yet refreshing!

The French Press

ice cream shops

The French Press is a gourmet coffee shop and more, over at Cape Harbour that has gelato.

You can also arrive by boat and dock at the marina, enjoy the shops while you are there.

I always get a cup with two flavors at a time.    I love the tropical flavors: coconut, mango, lemon, and also cinnamon or raspberry! 

Sit inside in comfy chairs or sit outside and enjoy the view of all the boats in the marina.

They also have tasty desserts, pastries, muffins, breakfast, sandwiches, salad, soup, and premium coffee.

Ice Cream Club

ice cream cape coral fl

Sometimes we just want to run out for ice cream at the spur of the moment.

In that case, we can walk to another one of our favorite ice cream shops, The Ice Cream Club, which is at The Shops at Surfside, and at a new location at Coralwood Shopping Plaza.

Our favorites are the black raspberry, chocolate raspberry truffle, and the cappuccino chip.

They have a membership card that includes a free single cone on your birthday, and 10% off purchases for you and your guests.

Check their bulletin board and if your name is on it, you get a free single cone.

Yup, Cape Coral ice cream is the best ice cream, especially after a day in the sun, on the boat, or anytime.

Ice Sssscreamin

cape coral ice cream

Ice Sssscreamin has the best soft serve swirl ice cream with different flavors like mango and raspberry.

They are conveniently located on Cape Coral Parkway, we have had ice cream for dinner after running errands, or taking people to the airport.

Spending the day on the water?

You can even get to Ice Screamin from your boat, just go to Bimini Basin in the southeast part of town.

There's a playground nearby at Four Freedoms Park if you want to make an outing for the kids and double their treat!

Great Licks

best ice cream

The best ice cream is homemade ice cream, and that's what you get at Great Licks, located in Matlacha, just over the bridge from Cape Coral.

It's made locally by Queenie's Ice Cream, using locally-grown ingredients, Great Licks offers ten flavors with a specialty flavor that changes weekly and a sorbet that changes monthly.

They also have an assortment of toppings, several choices of sundaes, and seasonal flavors like mango and pumpkin pie.

We love the blackberry chip, their biggest seller, and I love the key lime pie, which has pie crust mixed in ...... delicious!

Voted best ice cream on Pine Island, Great Licks is worth the trip!

Island Cafe on the Bay

cape coral ice cream

Island Cafe on the Cape Coral side of Matlacha carries Ft Myers's favorite frozen treat ...... Love Boat Ice Cream!

You'll find about a dozen of their most popular flavors served in cups or cones.

Enjoy your ice cream out on their patio or back porch with great water views of Matlacha Pass ........ you might even spot a dolphin or manatee!

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