Fort Myers Art and Music Walks

Fort Myers Art and Music Walks are such a blast, combining exciting art, local musicians, and great food for a night of fun!

For those of you missing that cool big-city vibe that you get from the artsy neighborhoods of New York, LA, and Chicago .......... you will love the Ft Myers Art and Music Walks.

Cobblestone streets, fountains, a blend of modern and hundred year-old buildings, courtyards, and balconies all make for a very attractive downtown that is the perfect backdrop for the walks.

We love it and try to go several times a year ........ you've got to go at least once!

downtown ft myers

Art Walks are on the first Friday of the month year round from 6-10PM in the newly refurbished River District of downtown Fort Myers.

fort myers art

Everyone needs some art in their home, and especially if you have a vacation home, you'll want to decorate with artwork from our local artists.

fort myers art walk

Music Walks are on the third Friday from 7PM-Closing, but both walks are similar in that usually all the art galleries are open, and you will find bands and performers playing at almost every corner at either event.

ft myers music

Rock, punk, blues, jazz, rockabilly, indie, hiphop, country and solo guitarists, violinists, and dancers are some of the performers you will find .... and all are entertaining!

They even have a Latin Music Walk in April to commemorate Cinco de Mayo.

Plan to grab a bite to eat at one of the cafes, a slice of pizza, or a snack at Starbucks.

downtown ft myers fl

Many of the restaurants have their own live entertainment inside as well, if you want to dine indoors.

There are around a dozen art galleries dotting First Street and surrounding streets with local and national artists in all kinds of styles and media.

ft myers art walk

Our favorites are HOWL Gallery on Broadway, ACT for Arts on First Street, and the co-op of artists, craftsmen, and shops at the corner of First and Broadway at The Franklin shops.

downtown fort myers events

One shop was selling ......... I couldn't believe it ........... a Vampire Killing Kit!  It came with a pistol, wooden stake, crucifixes, bottles of holy water, and other items.

vampire killing kit

Make sure you go where the center of the party, the Patio de Leon Courtyard, which is between the buildings on First, Broadway, Hendry, and Main Streets.

We usually park near the Yacht Basin, then start at one end of First Street and slowly go through each gallery, check out some of the shops, spend time listening to any musical performances along the way, and watch the belly dancers.

fort myers music walk

The party continues after 10PM at any of the bars scattered about with a special after party at Spirits of Bacchus on Hendry Street for the art walks.

For more info on the Fort Myers Art and Music walks such as finding out who's performing, see a list of galleries, and get a map, go to:

Fort Myers Art Walk
Fort Myers Music Walk
ft myers live music

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