Fort Myers Beach Photos

Fort Myers Beach Photos - This gallery doesn't show the usual beach photos, but I think you'll enjoy these nonetheless!

As part of a field trip, we went to check out the shrimp boats docked between Trico Shrimp Co and Seafood Market and Gulf Shrimp Inc ...... both are on Main Street and Shrimp Boat Lane, before you cross Matanzas Pass Bridge.

I took tons of photographs ......... it was so inspiring!  As a matter of fact, if you're looking for fun things to do Fort Myers Beach is more than sand and surf.   You might want to see the boats and the means by which we get our local shrimp.  While you're there,  shop for fresh seafood for dinner!

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Paint and Rust

fort myers beach photos


trico shrimp co

At Rest

trico shrimp market

Green Water

gulf shrimp inc

Alley Cat

things to do fort myers

Roped for the Night

fort myers art


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