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Cape Coral Books - A list of books about Cape Coral history and our area's flora and fauna, a fun book about weird Florida, and our cute little book store.

Although we don't have any big name book store chains here yet, that's okay because here in the Cape we've got Donna's Book Stop Paperback Exchange at 1343 SE 47th Terrace, (239)463-3999.

They sell used books and jigsaw puzzles at a discount to customers who then return them for a credit on their next book or puzzle.  

Book exchanges not only save you money, they also allow you to free up space in your home as well as providing older books that people can't find anymore.

donnas book exchange

As for books about Cape Coral, first of all, our city is about 50 years young and was the largest master-planned community in the United States, built up by two brothers who were quite the characters.

Lots of hype and high-pitched selling turned a piece of swampland with a few homesteads on it into our waterfront paradise with more canals than Venice.

history of cape coral

"The Other Side of the River", "Lies That Came True", and "Selling the Dream," are all about those early days when the Cape was first developed.

Here are some books loaded with Cape Coral pictures: "Cape Coral, A Pictorial Perspective" and "Images of America, Cape Coral".

An interesting fact about Cape Coral is that it has the largest burrowing owl population in the state.

Some books about these adorable little owls include: "Hoot", a fiction account about a fight to protect burrowing owls, for young teens, and "Buffy the Burrowing Owl", a very cute picture book for younger kids.

"Hoot" was written by Carl Hiassen and was also made into a movie.

You may want to read Hiassen's other books, which are comedies full of madcap hijinks and set in South Florida.

Another local author is Randy Wayne White, who writes the Doc Ford crime and mystery books set in Sanibel.

the fat spy

Another movie that I want to tell you about is "The Fat Spy", filmed in Cape Coral in 1966 at Yacht Club Beach.

It is considered one of the 50 worst movies ever made and it is quite the cheesy beach musical.

I thought it was quite hilarious, the movie features Phyllis Diller and Jayne Mansfield.

We had the "pleasure" of watching it, and it is so weird and so bad, it's good!

There is actually a "Weird Florida" book, which has strange stories of ghosts, aliens, legends, mysteries, beasts, villains, buildings, people, etc.

I'm hoping to take a trip to see some of these weird phenomena and an unusual way to get information about Florida.

You may also want to get the "Florida's Fabulous" series of animals, birds, fish, shells, insects, and plants.

The photographs are beautiful, they have funny and interesting stories as well.

cape coral pictures

You can also purchase many of these Cape Coral books at the Cape Coral Historical Museum.

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