Bubble Room

Bubble Room - The name says it all, this fun Captiva restaurant serves up great food, fun, and festivity all year long!

Your kids will love it and so will you .......... you can tell you're in for a treat as soon as you drive into the parking lot.

Bright colors, with stripes and bubbles are painted on the outside of the building along with decorations of old toy cars, antique signs, and murals.

The restaurant was started in 1979 with just a few tables in the front room of the Farqhuarson family home.  They started decorating the inside of the restaurant with toys from the 1930's and 40's, introduced the cheery colors that inspired other places in Captiva, added vintage Hollywood movie stars' photos and memorabilia.

bubble room captiva

The Christmas theme was added one year after they decorated the front room and they decided to keep them up!

bubble room

The present owners have kept all the crazy decor, and many of the same menu items.

As soon as you walk in the door, you can't help but notice their display of their famous mile-high cakes.

captiva restaurant

Dining is available in various dining rooms, nooks, and alcoves that all have their own unique style.

captiva restaurants

The bar is upstairs and is famous for their specialty drinks, such as the Pink Flamingo and the Captiva Cooler.

captiva bars

Nostalgia items that line the walls and are displayed under the glass-topped dining tables are fun to look at and talk about. 

bubble room captiva island

Have you played with any of these toys?!  I didn't play with them, but I remember Betty Boop and Howdy Doody.

bubble room on captiva island

We always play a game and try to identify the movie stars in the pictures that are hanging on the wall near our table. 

bubble room captiva fl

Electric toy trains run around the dining rooms up near the ceiling, on all 3 floors.  Can you see it in the photo above?!

I like that the servers get into the groove by wearing funny hats and scout uniforms. 

bubble room

Twinkling lights and funky chandeliers add to the festive atmosphere along with music from the 20's, 30's, and 40's.

captiva island restaurants

The food is terrific .......... everything from the cheesy Bubble Bread and Sticky Buns that are served before your meal, to appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

captiva restaurant

For lunch, you can order salads, sandwiches, and burgers.  For dinner, you can get soups, salads, several seafood dishes, chicken, t-bone steak, filet mignon, and prime rib.  I love their crab cakes!

captiva dining

Now, back to their dessert cakes ......... French Chocolate, Moist Chocolate, Velvet, Orange Crunch, Tropical Breeze, Jamaican Rum, White Christmas, NY Cheescake, Buttercrunch Ice Cream, and Key Lime Pie will get your mouth a-watering ............ yum!

bubble room

The slices are so huge, you'll be bringing some leftovers home to enjoy again.  My favorite is the Orange Crunch with layers of yellow cake and orange, almond, brown sugar frosting.

Check out their ice cream shop in the separate building on the other side of their parking lot.  Don't forget to sit in the Tunnel of Love Boat and have your picture taken!

The Bubble Room is open everyday from 11AM-9PM.  Think of them for parties ........ call ahead if you have a large party for regular dining. 

While you're on Captiva, you simply must go to the Bubble Room, where it's Christmas all year round!

Bubble Room
15001 Captiva Drive

bubble room captiva

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