YOLO Watersports

YOLO Watersports  - You Only Live Once is the perfect name for the fun you can have with this Captiva water sports company!

If you're looking for things to do in Captiva, you've got to consider YOLO.

They rent out rent waverunners, surfboards, skimboards, kayaks, and paddleboards.

Have family fun on an inflatable Banana Boat, or rent bikes, golf carts, or motor scooters.

YOLO Captiva also rents beach gear such as chairs and umbrellas ....... plus baby joggers, wagons, sunglasses, watches, and skateboards.

things to do in captiva

If you've never been parasailing, they offer that too ....... and it's such a blast, you really must try it!

YOLO is located near the end of Andy Rosse Lane, just before the Mucky Duck, near the beach.

The waverunners, paddleboards, kayaks, and other YOLO watersports paraphernalia as well as the parasailing boat are at the beach and just a short walk away.

yolo captiva

We decided to go parasailing and it was amazing!

What you do is park your car at YOLO, make your payment and I would suggest bringing a waterproof camera, which you can buy right there.  It doesn't come with a strap, so hold on tight to it or bring a strap if you can.  That goes for sunglasses too.

They give you a small waterproof container, perfect for putting your car keys in.

Know that you'll have to walk in the water to get to the boat, so it's best to wear a bathing suit, or shorts and top that can get wet.

parasailing captiva

Your party may not be the only one on board, so even though you only go up for 10-15 minutes, your boat ride will last about an hour.

Riders take turns, going 2 at a time, and you'll enjoy the ride as you wait to go up.

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As soon as you get on the boat, the guys start setting up the balloon, ropes,  and tethers.

yolo watersports

The first pairs of riders are put in their harnesses and then are hooked up to the balloon's tether ........ lift-off went smoothly and easily!

yolo watersports

After they rode for awhile and came down, it was our turn to go up ........... and boy, were we excited!

We went to the back of the boat and one-at-a-time got our harnesses fastened to the balloon's tether.

yolo captiva

Then, we sat down and slowly the balloon took us up ....... and it was amazing!

yolo sports

You can see for miles and it's so peaceful .......... everywhere you look you see that beautiful aqua-green water.

things to do in captiva

After a bit, they take you up higher and they cruise from one end of Captiva to the other.

yolo captiva

You can see Pine Island on the other side of Captiva and as far down as Sanibel.

Even though the ride is only 15 minutes long,  it's just the right amount of time for the trip.

yolo sports

Before the end of your ride, they slowly bring you down so you can splash your toes in the water ....... it's so much fun!

yolo parasail

Then, you go back up for a little bit so they finally reel you in onto the boat in a standing-up position.  Everything went smoothly again.

yolo parasailing

They then take you out of the tether and you take your harness off while you ride back to shore.

You can call, stop by, or make your reservation online.  Expect to pay around $70-80 per person. You can also just ride along for the fun of it if you don't want to parasail, it costs about $15 to ride along. 

parasailing captiva

We loved it and you will too ........ and don't forget to try the waverunners, Banana Boat, saiboats, paddleboards, and kayaks!  Contact them about prices and other information:

YOLO Watersports
11534 Andy Rosse Lane

yolo rentals captiva

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