Sand Sculpture Contest

The Sand Sculpture Contest on Fort Myers Beach is such a fun thing to do with the family!

It's held around Thanksgiving, usually the last week of November.

You'll see amazing sand sculptures by international and national masters, as well as ones by amateurs and even kids.

The best thing to do is to take extra time to head south from the contest and park at the festival parking lot on Lovers Key.

Then, take the shuttle bus to the festival, held at a hotel at the southern end of Fort Myers Beach.

sand sculpting fort myers beach

Otherwise, you will hit terrible traffic if you go the main way onto and off the island.  Parking and shuttle are free and you can buy snacks and beverages from boy scouts manning a refreshment tent.

sand sculptures

I'm amazed by how the sculptors can make the sand look like many different kinds of textures, smooth or rough stone, fluffy snow, or crisp leaves.

sand sculpture contest

It seems to me that the judges like the concept sculptures best, the one in the picture below won first place!  It was a series of hills with figures on top of each point in different positions.

fort myers events

This one was my favorite one, a woman with her hair blowing sitting on top of a pile of leaves:

fort myers beach sand sculptures

To get into the festival, tickets cost $5/person and for the price of your ticket you can see all the sculptures and have access to food and craft vendors.

fort myers beach

You'll also find entertainment, and kids will love the rock-climbing wall, rolling inside a big plastic ball in a pool of water, and bungee jumping!

fort myers beach events

Don't forget to go early enough so you can hit the beach!  The weather is usually in the low 80's in November and while you might not want to venture into the water, you might want to do some sun tanning and maybe try to make your own sand sculpture!

To get more information, go to the Sand Sculpting Fort Myers Beach website.

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