Heavenly Biscuit

Heavenly Biscuit - You are in for a real treat when you go to one the most popular Ft Myers Beach restaurants for breakfast and lunch!

UPDATE: Heavenly Biscuit's storefront location on Fort Myers Beach was destroyed by Hurricane Ian.  The good news is you can find them on the beach in a food truck.  Go get a biscuit and cinnamon roll today!  They also do catering!  You can email them at HeavenlyBiscuitOnWheels@gmail.com

Located in a quaint little house just off Estero Blvd, you can take a break from the sand and surf to grab one their delectable, and yes, heavenly sandwiches made with biscuits.

They are also known for their amazing cinnamon rolls, so make sure you save room for one ......... don't think you'll have room?  Then get one to share!

It's usually packed for breakfast, so we went late morning for an early lunch.  The restaurant has that beach shack look that I love, and there are a few seats inside, but we wanted to sit outside on the front porch and watch the world go by while enjoying our biscuits.

heavenly biscuit

As soon as you get there, place your order inside at the cash register.  Then take a seat wherever you want and after a short wait, they'll bring your order to you.

fort myers beach restaurants

Check the daily specials at the counter to see what goodies are being offered.  When we went, they had some really yummy-looking banana bread!

ft myers beach restaurants

We got their special of the day which was a biscuit with egg, bacon, American cheese, and tomato.  I wasn't sure about the tomato, but I'm glad I got it because the sandwich was absolutely delicious ... mmm ... mmm ... mmmm.

heavenly biscuit

Build-your-own biscuit by choosing from their menu of toppings: egg, cheese, egg beaters or whites, bacon, sausage patty, sausage link, honey ham, tomato,  country fried steak, grilled or fried chicken breast, salmon, or ahi tuna.  You can also get bagels, toast, English Muffins, and croissants. 

The lunch menu also features sandwiches such as BLT's, grilled or fried chicken, chicken salad, salmon, ahi tuna, and a black Angus burger.  Sides include fries, grits, gravy, onions, and eggs.

Then there's the cinnamon roll, and ..... WOW!  It was fresh and warm with sweet icing melting all over the top. 

You have to go there and get one, for sure.  They are so irresistible that I started eating mine before I took a photo of it

best cinnamon buns

There's definitely a more laid-back vibe going on in Ft Myers Beach.  As we were sitting on the porch, people were walking by with a towel and their bathing suits on.  Lots of locals bike instead of going by car and we saw several people park their bikes in front if the restaurant and come on in for a snack to-go.

Most of their business is to-go and they are open 7 days/week, from 7AM-1:30PM.

So, as you're looking for things to do in Fort Myers Beach, make sure you go:

Heavenly Biscuit
110 Mango Street, Fort Myers Beach

things to do in fort myers beach

Here's an idea ...... when you're done, head over to Matanzas Pass Preserve, a park which is not too far from Heavenly Biscuit.  Head south on Estero Blvd, go a couple of blocks, then take a left at the library onto Bay Rd, which dead-ends into a parking lot.

matanzas pass

There's a short walk through a mangrove forest on a boardwalk that leads out to a beautiful view of Matanzas Pass.  Benches and shade are available ......  you can bring your heavenly biscuits for a picnic!

matanzas pass preserve

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