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Cape Coral Government - Information about Cape Coral City Hall, Police Station, DMV, Post Offices, Hospital, and Parks and Recreation.

Many of our city's government offices are conveniently located in the same area, and the hospital is not too far from them.

City Hall, Cape Coral Police, and the Department of Motor Vehicles, post office, and Parks and Recreation are all situated in the vicinity of Cultural Park Blvd and Nicholas Pkwy.

The hospital is only around a mile away ......... just continue east on Nicholas Pkwy, turn left onto Viscaya Pkwy, then left on Del Prado and it's right there.

Some of the issues that Cape Coral government is dealing with are bringing industry and higher education to the Cape, dealing with after-effects from the economy that dealt a blow to the real estate market that gave us so many foreclosures and short sales.

Also, modernizing the downtown area, finishing special assessments such as water and sewer, and basically making the city a highly desirable destination for people relocating or vacationing.

cape coral government

City Hall

Cape Coral City Hall is home to offices for the mayor, city manager and council, boards and commissions, and Parks and Rec.

Cape Coral Parks and Rec is very active and one of the best in Southwest Florida.

We have 39 parks and recreation centers .......... including Sunsplash Family Waterpark and Coral Oaks Golf Course ...... lots of activities, festivals, and events for all ages.

Go to my Cape Coral Parks page to see my favorite parks.  Go to the Parks and Rec website to sign up for their newsletter, sports, classes, and events. Or, call them at (239)573-3128.

You will also find building, permit, tax, and assessor's departments, business licensing, and the offices of other governmental agencies.

Our City of Cape Coral government operates under the Council-Manager form of governing.

The mayor is elected at large and is part of an 8-member council that he presides over. The other members are from 7 different districts and are also elected at large.

Some of the things the City Council does is: appoint City Manager, Auditor, and Attorney, plus board and commission members, and department directors.

They also enact ordinances, resolutions, budgets, planning, land-use regulations, and oversee daily city operations.

Other Cape Coral government agencies are: City Clerk, the Fire Department, Public Works, Human Resources, Financial and Information Technology Services, and Community Development.

Did you know that Cape Coral residents can take a 12-week course called the Citizens Academy, to learn about what our city does, how, and why?  Sessions run for 12 weeks twice a year, for 4-6 hours, once a week on Wednesdays.

Each session is hosted by the various different government departments, such as the City Manager's Office, Police Department, Fire Services, Attorney's Office, Public Works, Human Resources, Parks and Rec, Charter Schools, and more. 

This course will help you understand the difficulties of balancing a budget while providing adequate services and keeping taxes low.  So quit complaining and get involved with Cape Coral government!

Cape Coral City Hall
1015 Cultural Park Blvd

cape coral city hall

Cape Coral Police

The Cape Coral Police Station is in a brand new building across the street from the Cape Coral government offices at City Hall.

In 1962, the Cape was patrolled by deputized officers that rode around town in a 1959 Chevy station wagon that also doubled as an ambulance.

The Police Department was then founded in 1971 with a staff of 3 officers, and issued their first speeding ticket to a driver going 60MPH in a 45 MPH zone.

The department has grown to 237 officers along with 96 other employees for the largest city in Southwest Florida.

And, we now have 3 zones: South, Central, and North ........ each section the size of a small city!

That has helped us to become the safest city in Florida with a population of over 75,000 people.

Go to Cape Coral Cops for the latest police news, reports, and videos.

Then go to their website to see events, wanted persons, and the daily bulletin. You can also report incidents, car crashes, and missing persons.

Cape Coral Police
1100 Cultural Park Blvd

cape coral police


The Department of Motor Vehicles is around the corner from City Hall. You have 30 days once you move to Cape Coral to get a Florida driving license.

You'll need 2 forms of ID and proof of residency. To be safe, because I've had to go back and forth since I didn't have enough documentation, bring you Social Security Card, your old Driver's License or passport, and 2 bills that show your Cape Coral address: electric and cable are best.

I have found that waiting times aren't too bad whenever I've gone, but you can call ahead to make an appointment so you don't have to wait at all.

Kids can get a learner's permit at age 15 once they've taken a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course and tests, which you can do online. We then went to the DMV where I signed an affidavit saying that I monitored her online course and testing properly.

You can get a driver's license one year from the date you receive your learner's permit and you drive for 50 hours, 10 of them at night. Parents must sign an affidavit that the driving practice was done.

A smaller office for Driver's Licenses only is on Santa Barbara Blvd.

Driver's Licenses and Vehicle Services

  • 1039 SE 9th Place

Driver's Licenses

  • 360 Santa Barbara Blvd
cape coral dmv

Post Offices

Across the street from Motor Vehicles is the main Cape Coral Post Office.

What's kind of neat about the Cape is that you can leave packages in your mailbox with a note for your carrier to mail and they will leave an envelope the next day with the money you owe. You can also buy stamps from your carrier and even Bealls Department Store on Del Prado.

Post Office Locations

  • 1030 Southeast 9th Ave
  • 4722 Southeast 17th Ave
  • 79 Mid Cape Terrace #8
    (239) 772-2960
  • 307 Del Prado Boulevard N
    (239) 242-2500

UPS Stores

  • 2710 Del Prado South Blvd
  • 1217 Cape Coral East Pkwy
  • 1242 SW Pine Island Rd # 4
  • DHL - 2481 Del Prado N Blvd
cape coral post office

Since the main post office can get packed, Cape Coral has smaller post offices at various locations around the city so you can save time.

Our local post office is at the Sip and Send wine shop on Santa Barbara Blvd!

sip and send

Other Mailing Locations

  • Sip and Send - 2221 Santa Barbara Blvd - (239)772-1076
  • Pony Express Mail Center LLC - 110 NE 2nd Place - (239)242-8008
  • Gennifer Lee Inc - 1505 NE 6th Place - (239)292-0478
  • A-1 Delivery Inc - 1115 SE 12th Place - (239)849-9289
  • Jenmark Express - 214 SE 17th Terrace - (239)671-1126
sip and send cape coral

Cape Coral Hospital

Even though the hospital isn't part of Cape Coral government, it is part of our county's Lee Memorial Health System, which it joined in 1996.

The hospital is undergoing an extensive renovation, modernization, and expansion to make it the largest emergency department in Lee County.

The 291-bed hospital opened in 1977 and has only private rooms.

Cape Coral Hospital specializes in asthma, gastroenterology, joint health, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, occupational therapy, otolaryngology, orthopedics, pediatrics, speech, special care, sports therapy, surgery, urology, and weight management.

The hospital is well-known for it's excellent obstetrics department and birthing suites.  My daughter gave birth there and the care was outstanding, rooms were comfortable, and the staff was accommodating.   The suite is spacious and seating can be changed into beds for the father-to-be and in our case, also the gramma-to-be while the future mommy is in labor through the night.  Sorry I didn't get a picture before the suite got cluttered up!

cape coral hospital

For those who prefer a natural water birth with assistance from a midwife, Cape Coral is fortunate to have the Baby Love Birth Center on Del Prado.  Moms can labor and give birth in one of 3 rooms with state-of-the-art tubs and a relaxing setting.  Classes in relaxation techniques and nutrition are available to help labor go more smoothly.

UPDATE MAY 2016:  Unfortunately, Baby Love Birth Center has closed.  You can still go to their website for information and the name of a midwife.

baby love birth center

Memberships are available at the hospital's Wellness Center. The center has a basketball court, aquatic center, cycling studio, cardio and strength training, exercise and fitness classes, locker and steam rooms, conference center, kid zone, pro shop, personal training, and massage services from Heart and Soul ....... all for your good health!

Cape Coral Hospital

  • 636 Del Prado Blvd

The Wellness Center

  • 609 SE 13th Ct
cape coral hospital

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