LeeWay offers different programs for the Cape Coral toll bridges so you can save money while traveling to and from Ft Myers.

It is particular to Lee County bridges and is a pass program for tolls that also can be used around the rest of the state.

There are new costs as of October 1, 2021 that you need to be aware of.  I'm assuming they will help cover admin fees now that we don't have manned booths to collect tolls.

Costs are $2 for cars with a transponder and $5 for cars without one to travel over the Cape Coral Bridge and Midpoint Bridge from Ft Myers into the Cape. It costs more for vehicles with more than 2 axles. To go over the Sanibel Causeway, you will pay $6 for cars with a transponder and $9 for cars without one.  

cape coral toll

Sticker Transponders are free with a new pre-paid account and are permanently stuck onto your windshield behind the rear-view mirror, which you can see in the picture below.  Hard-cover transponders are also available for a cost.

toll sticker

Besides the Cape Coral and Midpoint Bridges, and the Sanibel Causeway, you can also use your transponder in Florida for tolls that use Sunpass and Epass plus others.

cape coral bridge

LeeWay is located next to the plaza on Colonial Blvd that has the Royal Palm just over the Midpoint Bridge in Fort Myers.

There are no tolls for the Edison and Hancock Bridges from downtown Ft Myers into North Ft Myers and northeast parts of the Cape.

sanibel causeway

LeeWay is located on Colonial Blvd next to Royal Palm Theater plaza just over the Midpoint Bridge in Fort Myers.

To see all fees, discounts, transponder costs, types of accounts, and where else you can use your LeeWay Pass go to:

1366 Colonial Blvd, Ft Myers


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