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Cape Coral Business - The Cape is a fantastic place to start a business for so many great reasons!

First of all, we have a very active Chamber of Commerce.

We are also the only city in Southwest Florida that has an Economic Development Office to help you and your business succeed.

Cape Coral has the largest population in Southwest Florida, is the 2nd largest city in Florida in terms of square miles, and is poised to really jumpstart the economic development in this part of the state.  Biz Journals ranked the Cape as one of the top 10 cities to start a business.

cape coral business

And, let's not forget the lifestyle aspect of having a business here ......... after work you have the Florida lifestyle of relaxing and playing with all the beaches, boating, fishing, and golfing.

Our city has a small-town flavor, with a younger population than surrounding towns, making it perfect for families.

Chamber of Commerce

When you come off the Cape Coral Bridge from Ft Myers into the Cape, the first building you come to is the Welcome Center.

welcome center

It's where visitors and new residents can get maps, brochures, and information about Cape Coral, the things to do here, and find out about Cape businesses.

It's also where the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce is housed and is a great place for chamber members to advertise their businesses and services.

Chamber membership costs $300/year, either paid annually or quarterly.

With your membership, you get many ways to promote your business including a ribbon-cutting ceremony that is advertised, plus networking at monthly business card exchanges, business dinners, and luncheons.

You can also volunteer or have a booth at various Cape Coral events, take classes, receive mentoring, take advantage of the Chamber's advertising opportunities, get involved in leadership, and so much more.

The Cape Coral Chamber wants to become the most valued and respected chamber in Southwest Florida.

Their mission is to inform, educate, support, and grow the Cape Coral Business community.

cape coral chamber of commerce

You may also want to know about the Christian Chamber of Southwest Florida.  This is for those who like to frequent Christian-owned businesses or if you are a Christian business owner, you will get the many benefits that come from joining a forum where you can unite and serve with fellow believers.

Economic Development Office

So, why should you open or move to a Cape Coral business? First of all, the Cape prides itself on being business-friendly and the Economic Development Office helps in that regard.

The EDO acts as a liason between you and all the agencies you need to deal with such as permitting, zoning, and regulations as well as helping you to define the best locations, discover developing trends, and optimize your potential.

They are dedicated to assisting you in any way that you need, including cash incentives through a federal bond program to provide for more high-paying jobs.

Did you know that Florida has the fifth most business-friendly tax system and the second most business-friendly state in the country? Florida has a low corporate income tax rate and no personal income tax ....... I like that!  And, Cape Coral has no public service tax.

A combination of factors provides a low cost of doing business in Cape Coral. Our city has no public service-tax, and Florida has a low corporate income tax rate and no personal income tax.

Second of all, we have up-to-date utility, transportation, and broadband infrastructures.

Cape Coral has a global business outlook and has 3 investment zones, 2 industrial parks, and 2 Foreign Trade Zones with accompanying tax and duties savings, for commercial and industrial development with properties that can be leased for low prices.

We are only 15 miles from Southwest International Airport, plus we are also close to the smaller airports of Page Field in Ft Myers and Charlotte County Airport in Punta Gorda. We are 10 miles from I-75 which will get you to Miami in 2 hours, Tampa in 1 1/2 hours, and Orlando in 3 hours.

Thirdly, Cape Coral is home to several emerging types of businesses: Defense Contracting, Marine Fabrication, and Environmental Instrumentation, and has attracted a young and educated workforce with its desirable tropical location.

2010 Employed Population 16+ by Industry

Total 66,885
Services 48.2%
Construction 12.5%
Retail Trade 15.4%
Finance/Insurance/Real Estate 7.7%
Public Administration 4.7%
Transportation/Utilities 3.5%
Manufacturing 3.2%
Wholesale Trade 2.4%
Information 1.8%
Agriculture/Mining 0.6%

We have incomparable health care and health services, and Cape Coral is the  location of the newest VA Hospital. As you can see in the chart below, more than 50% of our jobs are white-collar occupations which the above-mentioned incentives are trying to promote.

2009 Employed Population 16+ by Occupation

Total 71,032
White Collar 59.3%
Professional 17.7%
Sales 15.8%
Administrative Support 13.4%
Management/Business/Financial 12.4%
Blue Collar 40.7%
Services 20.0%
Construction/Extraction 8.6%
Installation/Maintenance/Repair 4.5%
Transportation/Material Moving 4.3%
Production 2.8%
Farming/Forestry/Fishing 0.4%

Other things to consider are Cape Coral's low crime rate, fantastic weather, over 400 miles of canals for waterfront living, low real estate prices, 40 parks and recreation centers including Sunsplash Family Waterpark ......... and proximity to some of the world's best beaches and the resort areas of Sanibel, Captiva, Ft Myers Beach, and Lovers Key.

When I started my Cape Coral business, this website, I had to go to City Hall to get licensed by the state, the county, and the city .......... and pay the appropriate yearly fees.

Then you need to decide whether you have a Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship.

Next, you register a Fictitious Name for your business, if you're not using your name or it's legal corporate name.

Lastly, you need a Federal Employer Identification Number unless you have a Sole Proprietorship.

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Find out more about Cape Coral business opportunities from the:

Economic Development Office
City Hall, 1015 Cultural Park Blvd

economic development office

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