Wisteria Tea Room

Wisteria Tea Room - Come to this Fort Myers restaurant for a delicious selection of teas, sandwiches, sweets, and gifts.

When we lived in Connecticut, we loved to go to tea rooms for special occasions.

I have a sweet tooth and love cake, cookies, pie, tarts, and muffins ...... served with the perfect accompaniment of a cup of tea, in antique China cups, of course!

The Wisteria has such a charming atmosphere.

Twining honeysuckle greeted us as we walked up to the front door of the tea room, located in a cute little old house.

wisteria tea room

We waited for our table in a delightful little shop with tea pots, jewelry, cards, bulk teas in many different enticing flavors, and more gift items.

fort myers shopping

Tea is served in several adjoining rooms of the quaint and cozy house. 

It's best if you make reservations ahead of time, especially during season, otherwise you may have to wait awhile for a table. 

fort myers restaurant

The menu features salads, soups, sandwiches, tarts, mac 'n cheese ....... and tea with additions of scones, mini sandwiches, treats, and/or desserts that come on tiered trays. 

I definitely want to go back and try more of their goodies, but in the meantime,  I enjoyed my chicken salad on a croissant!

fort myers restaurants

Our sandwiches came with chips and a choice of soup or salad ....... we also tried their amazing Berry Blast Iced Tea.

For dessert, we tried their out-of-this-world cheesecake in a chocolate crust with peanut butter,  peanut butter cups, and caramel, plus toffee almond cookies, and the scone of the day ........ which was white chocolate and dried cherry ......... absolutely delicious.

wisteria tea room

And, since tea is their specialty, we had to have some hot tea with our dessert.

Mango Rose, Chocolate Strawberry, Darjeeling Peach Ginger, and Tiramisu Rooibus are just some of the many interesting flavors.  We finally decided on the  Rooibus Creme Caramel ......... mmmmmm very good!

Wisteria Tea Room is at 2512 Second Street in Ft Myers, and they are open Monday - Saturday from 11AM-3PM.

Check on Google Maps first before you come, if you can, because it's a bit confusing with the one-way streets in the area.  Call them at (239)689-4436.

tea rooms

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