Skin and Hair Products

Skin and Hair Products that are terrific for Florida, with tropical fragrances and quality ingredients.

Swimming at the pool or beach and being out in the sun and wind several times per week can really take its toll on your skin and hair.

So, it's very important to get products that will moisturize and protect your skin and hair.

I really prefer to use skin and hair products that are as natural as possible ....... and,  I've always loved nice-smelling soaps, whipped body butters, salt scrubs, facial masks, and lovely fragrances. 

salt soap

I'm also interested and have used essential oils for aromatherapy benefits.

Because of that, I started making my own products and decided to start selling them.

handmade soaps

There are many so many interesting ingredients in Florida that make up beauty products: coconut oil; avocado, mango and cocoa butters; sea salt, citrus fruits, and tropical flowers like jasmine, plumeria, and gardenias.

Coconut oil is being touted everywhere as a healthy oil for beauty care.

Here's a helpful hint on how to get your hair shiny without using chemical-laden products and harmful sprays:

  • Wash your hair with your regular shampoo, leave it in.
  • Add a dab of shampoo to the palm of your hand and mix about the same amount of coconut oil in with it.  Fractionated coconut oil works best, it's been treated to stay liquid and isn't as greasy as regular coconut oil.
  • Lather the mixture through your hair, avoid your scalp if your hair is oily. Rinse.
  • Wash your hair again with just your shampoo.
  • You can then condition your hair if you normally do so.

Avocado, mango, and cocoa butters are moisturizing and have a luxurious, velvety feeling when combined together and/or with coconut oil.

best natural skin products

Sea salt soap and scrubs have exfoliating properties, and many nourishing minerals when used for soaking in the bath.

Salt scrubs made with coconut oil work really well for moisturizing dry and even cracked hands and feet.  Use it in the shower to rub on your legs after you shave them ........ your legs will feel silky-smooth and soft!

You can also use sea salt as a hair spray to get the popular tousled, beachy look.

Citrus and floral fragrances can help to promote states of mind such as relaxation, clear-headedness, and happiness when used as aromatherapy.

Facial Masks made from clay, coconut milk and seaweed can cleanse, detoxify, moisturize, and repair your skin ..... especially from sun damage.

best facial masks

Enjoy a piece of Florida with my handmade soaps, salt scrubs, and body butters.  Check it out at Coastal Island Creations!

skin and hair products

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