Il Primo

Il Primo has the best chicken wings in Cape Coral, along with pizza and appetizers!

It's a great place to take the family because kids love the food, it's inexpensive, and they have several TV screens showing children's movies and sports games.

We used to go every week with all of our friends when we first moved here ............ and it was a lot of fun!

The girls had their own booth and the boys had theirs while us parents put a couple of tables together and caught up on the week's events while juggling the littlest kids. 

Il Primo

When you first walk in, you just order at the front counter.  Then pick up your beverage at the self serve counter, grab a table or booth and wait until they call your name. You then go back to the counter to pick up your food.

It's convenient, quick, and perfect if you active little ones, or don't have time to make dinner after your children's after-school activities.

We love their wings, which you can get mild, medium, hot, suicide, BBQ, and boneless. They are served with blue cheese or ranch dressing and I like that the mild wings are truly mild with just a hint spicyness.

Even though we don't go every week anymore, we still like to pick up a bunch of wings every now and then, and bring them home for a treat for dinner.

I've tried making them at home and they just don't come out the way Il Primo makes them ....... they're crispy and meaty, with the right amount of sauce!

You might not think of IlPrimo if you're looking up Cape Coral pizza places, but they have a really yummy double-cheese ham pizza that is the best.

You can get personal, medium, large, and extra-large sizes ........... they also have several specialty pizza selections.

il primo pizza and wings

Appetizers include mozzarella, bread, zucchini, and cheese sticks, jalapeno poppers, mushrooms, french fries, and salad.

Look for weekly specials, events for kids, and don't forget to grab an ice cream from their freezer if you've cleaned your plate!

For fun and casual family dining restaurants in Cape Coral, go to:

Il Primo
2209 Santa Barbara Blvd

il primo cape coral

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