Ice Cream Club

Ice Cream Club - over 100 flavors - raspberry truffle, cappuccino chip, all your favorites plus frozen yogurt and Italian ices!

This Cape Coral ice cream parlor creates frozen delights the old-fashioned way, and though it takes longer to make, the results are worth it.

They also make low-fat and no-sugar sherbets, sorbets, soft-serve and soft-serve yogurt .......... only using quality ingredients.

New ice cream and frozen yogurt flavors are added on a regular basis.  Mix-ins and toppings such as candies, nuts and sprinkles are available on cups and cones.

ice cream club

You can also get sundaes, with or without brownies, and banana splits.  How about milkshakes and smoothies ........ egg creams, malteds, ice cream sodas, frozen cappuccinos, and floats?!

For ice cream gifts, order their cakes, made fresh with layers of creamy ice cream, fudge, and chocolate crunch.

For an additional cost, they will make a theme or custom cake, usually on the same day, but please order in advance.

ice cream club cape coral

Sign up for their Life Member Club and get:

  • 10% off all your purchases for you and your guests.
  • Get a free single cone on your birthday with ID.
  • Check the blackboard in the shop and if your name comes up, get a free ice cream that week!

The ice cream shop likes to get involved with the community, events, and charities.

Their location in Cape Coral is at The Shops at Surfside, on Veterans Blvd and Surfside Blvd.  

Ice Cream Club
2384 Surfside Blvd #107

cape coral ice cream

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