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Fashion and Beauty Tips - Have you been wondering what to wear for your visit to Florida?

Can you really pack shorts for the winter months, and how will the climate affect your hair and skin?

Well, it is hot, humid, and very sunny for most of the year.

Florida is the place where you can go check your mail with out shoes on in January, but you don't dare check it without your sunglasses.

And, Florida is the place where you can't have too many shorts, tank tops, bathing suits, and flip-flops!  Scroll down for my fashion and beauty tips and know what to wear.

Fashion and Beauty Tips - Clothing

florida clothes

First of all, Florida dress is very casual.

I wear tank tops and shorts half the year, and tank tops and capris the other half of the year.

I end up wearing tee shirts for about 6 or 7 days out of the year, and the same for long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and shoes.

When the weather cools down, I tend to wear over-shirts instead of sweatshirts and sweaters, they are just too hot.

If it's cooler in the morning, you can put on a tank top with an over-shirt, than take it off when it warms up.

And for one of my favorite fashion and beauty tips, in the winter, I like to use lightweight long-sleeved beach coverups over tank tops instead of sweaters.

hawaiian print shirts

We wear hoodies a lot instead of coats. The winter of 2009 - 2010 was colder than usual and I actually broke out my fleece jacket several times.

My condo is a comfortable 76 - 78 degrees pretty much the whole year round whether I have my a/c on or off, perfect for tanks and shorts.

Evening and dress-up wear is also casual: sun dresses for women, Tommy Bahamas shirts, Hawaiian shirts, and shorts for men.

Sparkly flip flops make a casual look more dressy while being comfortable ........ and are easy to kick off if you go to the beach to watch the sunset!

A lightweight shrug can be rolled up and put in your purse in case you get cold, but that's only necessary during the winter months.

I wear colors I never wore in Connecticut ..... orange, yellow, lime, aqua and other bright colors and patterns from companies such as Fresh Produce.

florida dress

I do enjoy not having to worry about jackets, coats, gloves, scarves, and even socks!

You may think that it gets boring having to wear the same tank tops and shorts over and over again, but I mix it up with different jewelry.

fashion and beauty tips

We spend less money than we did living up north and I have less laundry because summer clothes are smaller and therefore I have fewer loads to wash.

For fashion and beauty tips for the beach, you will want to get several sarongs and tops to use as swimsuit coverups .... hey, if you go to the pool 4 or 5 days a week, and also hit the beach, you will need a bunch.

Beach sarongs can be tied in different ways as dresses or skirts, even jackets and who knows what else!

To find out how to tie a sarong, also called a pareo, I have a friend whose daughter is one of the girls who demonstrates in a video 20 different ways on how to tie a pareo or sarong.

beach sarongs

This young lady happens to be Miss Tahiti 2010 and she is the first girl shown in the video, about 1 minute in.

The sarong tying demonstration starts about 2 minutes in, and is about 10 minutes long.

Now you will need a cool beach bag to put that beach sarong into.

I keep two plastic ziploc bags ready to go in my beach bag.

One bag has sunscreens in it; the other has sunglasses, cards, chapstick, my cell phone, and a few other things that might need to be kept waterproof.

Don't get rid of all your winter clothes, you'll need a few for when you go visiting up north or for if you work in a cold office.

I remember when we first moved to Cape Coral, I would be walking into the store wearing a tank top and shorts along with people wearing turtle necks and jackets. There are some work places, restaurants, and cinemas that can be quite cold.

One thing that I didn't expect is that in Florida stores clothes still follow the seasons that stores up north do.

So, you may have trouble finding a good selection of shorts, bathing suits, and flip-flops in the fall when winter clothes are put out.

The upside of this is that when they have sales on the summer clothes, you don't need to wait a year to wear any purchases.

I end up tossing out most of the clothing catalogs I get during the winter ....... and that's a good thing, I feel like I'm saving money when I do that!

Crocs are great to wear in the winter ..... yeah, I know, kind of ugly, but they are very comfortable to wear to the beach, for moseying about town, or as I like to wear them ...... as slippers. Tile floors are very hard on feet, ankles, and knees. Crocs are perfect, they give support and cushioning without making your feet too hot.

I finally broke down and bought me a pair in pink!

target flip flops

Fashion and Beauty Tips - Skin and Hair

And now for my fashion and beauty tips about skin and hair, I love this climate for skin and hair.

Back in Connecticut, every winter my skin got so dry and often cracked - not here!

Believe it or not though, you will still have to moisturize because swimming several days a week can be drying to the skin.

I don't think that I have to tell you to wear sunscreen. I would also suggest a moisturizer with sunscreen in it.

For pool and beach, get an oil-free sunscreen for your face to avoid break-outs.

The humidity gave my hair more body. That is a problem for one of my daughters, she already has lots of body in her hair and has to tame it.

If it's a particularly humid day, she'll straighten it and about 5 minutes after she goes outside ..... boing .... her hair curls up again!

Or, you can get a just-from-the-beach look for your hair, which seems to be the latest rage, with sea salt hair spritzes.

We've been enjoying fragrances and shampoos with coconut, gardenia, jasmine, and citrus scents;  soaps and scrubs made with coconut oil, and body butters made with avocado and mango butters.

These tropical beauty ingredients are wonderful for skin and hair care.

Go to my Skin and Hair Products page to find out about beach-inspired beauty care items made by me!

I hope my fashion and beauty tips have helped you, let me know if you have any other great tips.

skin and hair products

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