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Cape Coral Pets - Dog bakeries, pet supplies, pet friendly hotels and motels, restaurants, boarding, vet care, and dog parks to keep your four-legged friends happy.

Cape Coral is part of Lee County, which does not allow dogs or cats to roam freely on streets, sidewalks, school grounds, beaches, parks, or private property.

Pets must be confined in a building, cage, crate, or behind a fence or other secure enclosure.

If you're going to leave your pets outside ........ they can't be tied, chained, fastened, or tethered to posts, trees, buildings, or fences in an area that is covered and it has to be 32 square feet for each animal.

cape coral pets

Lee County Domestic Animal Services has the power to spay or neuter domestic animals older than six months, regardless of what the owner wants.

Pets 4 months old must have rabies shots and be licensed by the county.  You can purchase a license from participating vets, by mail, or going to Lee County Domestic Animal Services, 5600 Banner Drive in Ft Myers, off of Six Mile Cypress Drive.

The animal shelter is also there and that's where my oldest daughter bought her sweet puppy, Maisy!

fort myers animal shelter

Please be aware that pets can quickly become overheated in Florida's climate.

The best kind of dogs for our hot weather have thinner, shorter coats. Dogs with thick, heavy coats like Alaskan malamutes and chows, need to be shaved regularly.

One way that dogs cool off is by panting, so it's best if they don't have short noses or pushed-in faces like Pekingese, boxers, pugs, and English bulldogs.

The bigger the dog, the harder it is for them to handle exercise in hot weather. If they get no exercise, they will become overweight.

The best dogs for hot weather are: beagle, schnauzer, Parson Russell terrier, Cairn terrier, greyhound, Italian greyhound, whippet, Doberman pinscher, miniature pinscher, Dalmation, Weimaraner, Vizsla, chihuahua, border collie, and Australian cattle dog.

Dog Bakery and Supplies
for Cape Coral Pets

cape coral dog bakery

The Cape Dog Bakery offers the best in holistic foods for cats and dogs, along with frozen raw foods and the tasty baked goodies.

The owners of the Bakery are experts in nutrition, have a reputation for excellent customer service, and an outstanding knowledge of the products they sell.

Accessories include: collars, harnesses, leashes, clothing, toys, and treats. Grooming is available for cats and dogs in a spa setting.

They don't sell puppies because of abuses in puppy mills, but they have cats.

Watch for the Dog Bakery's special events and walk-in microchip clinics.

To adopt a pet from the animal shelter, go to the Animal Refuge Center of Fort Myers.

Boarding for Cape Coral Pets

dog boarding cape coral fl

For dog boarding Cape Coral has Dog Days Delight, which also has a bakery and boutique.

They have daycare and cageless boarding, grooming 7 days a week, discount monthly vet services, canine socialization, clothing, dog food, treats, and even private parties.

There are several play areas, dogs can watch TV, play with toys or other dogs, or take naps.

Dogs are always supervised and are walked 5 times a day. They are fed privately.

You must apply and have your dog interviewed before you can use the boarding service.

Please check out thoroughly any place before you board your pet, I received a complaint that Dog Days Delight walks the dogs in an alley behind their facility and the groomer did a poor job clipping her dog's nails.

Animal Hospital for Cape Coral Pets

cape coral animal hospital

For vet care, go to Kindness Animal Hospital They have two facilities, the western location is on Cape Coral Pkwy, and the eastern location is on SE 47th Terrace.

The hospital offers a wide range of services and are dedicated to giving your pet the best care.

Not only do they offer medical and surgical care, but they also have boarding, grooming, and pet supplies.

They welcome any questions you may have about your pet.

Hotels/Motels for Cape Coral Pets

pet friendly hotels fort myers

There are several pet friendly accommodations in Cape Coral.

  • The Cape Coral Westin allows pets up to 45 pounds without fee or security deposit, unless there may be special circumstances.  Owners must sign a waiver and be responsible for damage or extra cleaning.  Pets must be on a leash, and are not allowed in pool area.  They must be a crate if left unattended in your hotel room.  Doggy bed, bowls, and floor mat are available upon request.
  • The Cape Coral Holiday Inn charges $15 per night for up to medium-sized breeds, in some of their non-smoking rooms. You can walk your dog in an area of the hotel's lot.
  • The Hideaway doesn't charge extra for pets and they don't have size restrictions either.
  • But, you must keep your pet on a leash and it must also be on flea-preventative. A large grassy area is available to exercise your dog and waste pick-up bags are provided.
  • The Bridgewater Inn charges $15 per night for well-behaved and attended pets in some of their non-smoking rooms.
  • It is possible that they may accept a one-time fee instead of the daily charge.
  • They have a small grassy area for exercising, and there's is a park not too far from the motel over the bridge in Matlacha.

  • Parks for Cape Coral Pets

    cape coral dog park

    Wagging Tails Dog Park, in Cape Coral's Rotary Park, is a fun place to take your dog, it is for registered dog owners only, though. Registration forms are available at the park or at the link above.

    You'll also need copies of a current county license, vaccination records, and proof of residency.

    If you're willing to travel, Bonita Springs, which is south of Ft Myers, has a dog beach right near Lovers Key. It's on a sandbar, so conditions will vary.

    Dogs are allowed on Ft Myers and Sanibel Beaches, as long as they are on a leash.  They are not allowed on Captiva or Cape Coral Beaches.

    You must pick up after your dog ........... plastic bags and waste stations are provided.

    A new dog park has opened at the Shell Factory.  Doggy Heaven is open everyday for free, has an agility course, Doggy Fountain, and Doggy Church on Sundays at 12:30PM, and hosts Dock Dogs events.

    Other area dog parks include the K-9 Corral at Estero Community Park in Estero and Barkingham Park at the Buckingham Community Park in Buckingham.

    Bell Tower Shops in Ft Myers hosts Yappy Hour every second Friday of the month from 6-8PM for owners and their pets to enjoy.  There are refreshments, live music, and 8 pet-friendly restaurants.  The event is free and hosted by the Gulf Coast Humane Society, which also brings adoptable pets for prospective owners to meet.

    Many gated communities, like Sandoval, provide dog parks for residents' pets an area where they can run free, off the leash.

    There may be an area for big dogs, and a separate area for small dogs.  It's also a great place to meet neighbors and make new friends!

    Go to my Cape Coral Boating page for tips on doggie boat vests.

    pet friendly communities

    I f you are having problems with other people's pets such as noise, bites, or you notice a pet being neglected, call the Lee County Domestic Animals Services at (239)533-7357.

    Did you know that there is an exotic animal bred in Cape Coral that is shipped all over the world?

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