Rotary Park

Rotary Park is one of my favorite Cape Coral parks, we love to walk the paths and take photos in this tropical preserve.

It's perfect if you are looking for things to do in Cape Coral, there are 2 different paths in this park.

Both of them have towers that you can climb up to see the Caloosatchee River and the City of Cape Coral.

One of the paths, off of Rose Garden Rd and south of El Dorado Pkwy, takes you on a boardwalk through the mangroves to the river.  Mangroves are very interesting trees with lots of long roots above the ground that look like they can crawl away.

rotary park

The other path is at the main part of the park on Pelican Blvd and El Dorado, and it winds around sandy paths in a salt marsh and has picnic tables nestled in little areas along the water.

cape coral park

This part of the Rotary Park also has a dog park, playground, a large field to throw a frisbee or kick a ball, butterfly house and nature center.

The park is also home to the Cape Coral Burrowing Owl Festival, plant sales in April and July, and other fun events.

cape coral playground

The nature center offers some very interesting classes: gardening, wildlife, nature, ghost hunting, kayaking tours, and exercise classes.

This is where you can see and learn about turtles, frogs, lizards, and sessions.

In front of the nature center is the butterfly house, which you can walk around the outside of anytime.

To go inside, free tours are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30AM.

butterfly house florida

Bring your dog to the dog park so that you and your pet can run around and meet new friends!

Right by the dog park is the coolest cactus garden, there are so many interesting varieties.

cape coral parks

There's something for everyone at the park ...... kids, pets, nature lovers, and those who want to explore new things!

And when you're done, you may want to go over to Marina Village Resort and have some lunch or a snack.  The resort is beautiful, also on the water, and very close to the park.

Go to Cape Coral Parks and Rec to keep track of activities, sign up for classes, or get their newsletter.

Rotary Park
5505 Rose Garden Rd

rotary park cape coral

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