Venture Out

Venture Out offers fishing charters from shallow waters to deep sea, sunset and eco tours, water taxi service and more.

They are located in Cape Harbour, in the building to the right of Rumrunners restaurant, behind the Yacht Sales building.

Besides offering Cape Coral fishing charters they have kayak, paddleboard, and bike rentals.

You'll also find a bait and tackle shop which has clothing, supplies, snacks, refreshments, and ice ............ everything you'll need for your fishing trip.

cape coral fishing charters

Visit their Fisherman's Lounge, which serves beer and wine, and features a huge flat screen TV.  See what's been caught and listen to the latest fish stories!

Did you know that Cape Coral fishing is some of the best fishing anywhere?  Inshore or offshore, the fishing is pretty terrific here all year round!

We had never been fishing before and wanted to start out with flats fishing, also known as shallow water fishing.

cape coral florida fishing

We had to meet our fishing guide at 8AM, sometimes you might leave later, depending on the tides and what type of fishing you want to do.

Bring snacks and drinks, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Your shoes will get a little wet, we wore sneakers or flip flops. The bathroom on board the boat is a bucket!

Our guide showed us how to cast, watch for the bobber to bounce, and when and how to reel in.

He took us about 15 minutes out and we fished in the Caloosahatchee River for ladyfish, which were plentiful. We kept some for bait, and released the rest.

cape coral fishing

We went further down the river to Sanibel and caught Spanish mackerel, bluefish, and sea trout.

shallow water fishing

We released the fish and then tried to catch smaller tarpon that had been seen earlier in the week, but no luck.

Our fishing guide has found that real shrimp and plastic shrimp tends to work equally well as bait, but we tested each anyway, to see if the fish were biting one type of bait over the other.

We saw lots of dolphins and they probably scared the fish away, so we then headed up toward Pine Island and Merwin Key.

We caught some more ladyfish and I caught a puffer fish, pictured below.

cape coral fl fishing

Do you see the teeth on that thing?!

We were gone for 4 hours, but next time we'd like to try inshore fishing.

For that, you need figure it's about an hour out and you should plan on a 6 hour trip total.

Then maybe we'll tackle a fishing trip (tackle ........ get it?!) further out in deeper waters!

Find out in the video below what we catch as we fish over near the Sanibel Causeway, which is not too far from Cape Coral:

Venture Out is located at 5828 Cape Harbour Dr and they are open 7 days a week from 7AM-7PM.

You can either park in the parking garages at Cape Harbour, the lot across the street from Rumrunners, or over by the Fish Houses.

If you can't get a charter booked with Venture Out, go to my Cape Coral Fishing page where you can book a fishing charter directly on my website with one of 8 Cape Coral fishing guides.

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