Publix Supermarket

Publix Supermarket - Where everyone in Florida loves to shop for their groceries!

Publix is clean and bright, gives wonderful customer service, and has a great selection of all the food and products you need.

Although they don't offer shopper savings cards, they have weekly sales and savings on various items.

The sales are usually buy-one-get-one-free, and I especially look for when they have the sale on English Muffins so I can stock up on them for the month.  Look for tables near the front of the store to see what the sale item of the week is.

Then, just inside the door is the flower shop and beyond, the bakery with the store's yummy breads. You can get your bread unsliced, or regular and thin-sliced.


There are also bagels, free cookies for the kids, specialty breads, croissants, pizzas, cakes, wedding cakes, pastries, pies, muffins, and yummy buns.

I really like their French buns for hamburgers and make sure you try their coconut custard pie ............ mmmmmmmmm.

Wait till you try the Publix bread ............ my favorite is the White Mountain, Chicago Italian is pretty good, and also their whole grain.

publix bread

Next, is the deli counter where they have the Publix Supermarket brand and Boar's Head cold cuts. They cut a slice and make sure you like that thickness and always offer the slice for you to sample.

If you're in a rush, call your deli order ahead, or stop by the deli and give your order, go shop, and pick it up before you check out.

You can get rotisserie chickens ........... which has supplied many a dinner for my family when we've had a busy day .......... fried chicken, and prepared foods such mac and cheese, onion rings, chicken fingers, roast pork, corn, and stuffed cabbage.

Think of Publix Supermarket for party appetizers, sandwiches, snacks, and platters ...... and for lunch, they have a good selection of subs and wraps with deli meats or tuna, egg, or chicken salad at their sandwich station next to the deli.

publix supermarket

I think that Publix has a fantastic selection of delicious and fresh produce, both regular and organic.

We love having the longer season of fresh fruit and veggies that we have down here.

Try papaya, mango, and other tropical fruits. We eat lighter and healthier in Florida because of the warmer weather.

publix grocery store

Then comes the liquor section, followed by meats and poultry, frozen fish, butcher with fresh meats and fish, and sushi.

We love their thinly sliced rib-eyes and New York strip steaks for grilling or braising, chicken cutlets, and Greenwise brand of turkey sausages.

You'll find different food items scattered throughout the store with their natural and organic Greenwise brand.

publix cape coral

Throughout the rest of the store, aisles are wide with items neatly displayed in logical categories.

Other sections include health food, beauty, health care, Latin American foods, and a pharmacy.

publix cape coral florida

Your Publix grocery store aims to please, they offer a shoppers service at no extra charge......... if they don't have an item that you're looking for, you can place an order at their courtesy desk and shoppers will look for it for you at Walmart or wherever.

They store it for you on a shelf near the courtesy desk with your name on it and if you order several items of one kind, you don't have to buy them all at once, but buy them as needed.

If you ask an employee where a particular item is, they will take you right there to make sure you find exactly what you're looking for.

cape coral supermarkets

Once you check out, your bagger is happy to take your groceries to your car and help you load them.

Here are some helpful tips I've learned about storing food in Florida:

  • Bread, potatoes and onions must be stored in your fridge.
  • Lettuce goes bad fast, the best to get is romaine or Spring Mix.
  • Cucumbers go bad fast, so don't buy too many.
  • Cereal, crackers, and chips get stale quicker .......... try to use them up within 3-4 weeks.

cape coral grocery stores

Click here for Publix Supermarket locations, coupons, recipes, programs, and  services, plus pharmacy and more information.

Cape Coral Publix locations:

  • 1631 Del Prado
  • 2481 Del Prado
  • 127 Cape coral Pkwy West
  • 1616 Cape Coral Pkwy West

  • 2420 Santa Barbara
  • 100 Hancock Bridge Pkwy
  • 4065 Hancock Bridge Pkwy
  • 3015 SW Pine Island Rd

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