Chapel by the Sea

Chapel by the Sea is a little beachside church with graveyard on Captiva Island, Florida.

If you're looking for things to do in Captiva, you'll want to stop by this chapel  ...........and especially the graveyard on the sand.

The chapel is located on the corner of Wiles Dr and Chapin Ln, both can be reached from Captiva Drive.

There's plenty of parking to the left of the library and community building.

The graveyard is behind a fenced-in area near the beach.  It's protected from the elements by trees and shrubs.

chapel by the sea

It's really kind of cool ....... there are only a few gravestones scattered around palm trees and a big banyan with a bench for sitting, reflecting, or just listening to the waves crashing on the beach.

captiva chapel by the sea

The oldest gravestone is dated from the late 1800's and someone told me it was for a soldier who fought in the Civil War since it says CSA on it.

chapel by the sea

There are some gravestones of twin infants that lived only one day back in 1910 .......... very sad.

chapel by the sea captiva

It's interesting to see some of the things left behind on the gravestones, like shells and flip flops .......... very appropriate for Captiva!

chapel by the sea

The graveyard isn't creepy at all, in fact, it's rather peaceful.  I guess I'm not surprised, these folks spent their last days on one of the most beautiful, serene places on earth.

I also found Herbert Binder's stone, he was the first European settler on the island.  Go to my Captiva Florida History page to see more about him.

If you walk a little further down a sandy pathway off to the right, you can see the chapel.

chaple by the sea

Non-denominational services are held at 11AM during season, from the 3nd week in November through the 3rd week in April.

captiva chapel by the sea

Seating is available inside the church for 120 people and also outside the church ........ coffee and refreshments are served after the service.

wedding chapel by the sea

Weddings and vow renewals are performed while the chapel is open, from November - April. 

Early December is a great time to go on a Captiva vacation, Christmas celebrations are held for several weeks after Thanksgiving.

The whole village is decorated and you'll want to be part of the fun ...... beach arias, boat parade, golf cart parade, junkanoo parade, and Christmas caroling at Chapel by the Sea.

captiva vacation

It is truly a wonderful way to ring in the holiday season .... we had such a lovely time, I definitely want to go back again next year!

Chapel by the Sea
11580 Chapin Drive

chapel by the sea

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