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Cape Coral Schools - Options are charter schools, private schools, virtual schools, or public schools that offer the School Choice Program.

Through this system parents select their 3 preferred schools. If their first choice is full, their children will be enrolled in their second, or possibly third choice.

Cape Coral's public schools are part of the Lee County School System.

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With elementary and middle schools, students who live within 2 miles of a school will get first preference, within 2-5 miles will get second preference.

Parents have the option of moving their child to their first choice if space becomes available later.

The point of this system is to allow a child to remain in one school through the highest grade, even if they move to a different part of the city, or their present location experiences a change in growth.

The open-enrollment has eliminated the need for annual redrawing of school district boundaries according to the growth of each area, which forced children to be moved to different schools.

Public schools in Cape Coral rank 7 out of 10, with 5 schools ranking 9 out of 10, according to GreatSchools, which ranks schools according to test scores and opinions posted by parents.

Another great source is Public school Review, where you can find schools, check them out, and read parenting tips.

To register, check out zone maps, see the calendar, and find out anything else you need to know about Cape Coral schools, both public and charter, go to the Lee County Schools and Cape Charter Schools websites.

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Two of Cape Coral's charter schools are not run by the city, so to find out more about the Cape Coral Charter School, go to Charter Schools USA.

For more information about North Nicholas High School, go to Accelerated Learning.

In the public school system, the Cape has 9 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, and 4 high schools.

For charter schools, there are 2 elementary schools, 1 PreK-8, 1 middle school, and 2 high schools.

There are many private schools, to find out more go to the Florida School Choice website.

I also have information about the laws and requirements for homeschooling in Florida.

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Cape Coral has plans one day to have a college, probably in the downtown area. Until then, there are several colleges and universities in Fort Myers to choose from:

For vocational, community, and online schools, check out: Heritage College, Florida Academy of Massage, AMES Christian University, and Nova Southeastern University.

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