Cape Coral Sailing

Cape Coral Sailing - While you're in the Cape, you must spend a lovely day or evening with a relaxing sail, it's so amazing!

Captain Bud of Sail Cape Coral/SWFL does catamaran charters either to the Caloosahatchee River or out to the Gulf aboard the Old Glory, a 35' boat with a double-hull.

Which means your ride will be smooth sailing ........... and perfect for tanning, touring, and enjoying the water.

Each tour accommodates up to 6 people.

You can charter for a half-day of 3 1/2 hours, whole-day for 7 hours, sunset for 2 hours, or after-dark trips when there's a full moon.

sail cape coral

If you go out to the Gulf, you can even go kayaking while you're out there as part of the trip!

For your Cape Coral sailing excursion, expect to pay around $100/hour, the usual price for most boating and fishing charters.

Captain Bud can pick you up either at Cape Harbour, Tarpon Point Marina, Yacht Club Beach, or Ft Myers Beach.

catamaran charters

We went on the sunset cruise and had so much fun! We left from the Cape Coral Westin at Tarpon Point Marina and went over to the Sanibel Causeway.

We then looped around between Sanibel and some small islands and decided we were hungry, so we spread out our picnic dinner at the front of the boat.

cape coral food

At the moment, Captain Bud is making arrangements to hire a chef to cook for any charters that would like to have a gourmet meal prepared and served right on board. So, inquire with him, if you're interested.

cape coral boating

The boat has an air-conditioned salon with kitchen and dining, 2 queen sleeping cabins, and a bathroom.

boat toilet

But, we just wanted to stay in the front where webbing connects between the 2 hulls ........ it kind of reminds me of a trampoline ...... and with cushions, it's a great spot for lounging.

Or, you can sit in padded rocker chairs which are very comfortable, just behind the trampoline area.

cape coral sailing

After enjoying our snacks, we dropped anchor and had a swim ......... ahhhhhhh, the water was perfect.

We watched the sun set, that evening we had a lot of haziness, so the light was diffused into a soft glow and everything looked magical.

cape coral sunset

We then headed back ......... we didn't want to go home ....... I'm already planning our next Cape Coral sailing trip!

Sail Cape Coral also offers cremation scattering and memorial services, and kayak tours.

Watch the video below to see a short clip of our tour.

Contact Captain Bud and make your reservation today!

Sail Cape Coral/SWFL

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