Cape Coral Coupons and Deals

Get your Cape Coral Coupons here for great deals on restaurants, spas, shops, shows, and just about anything!

Whether vacationing or living in the Cape, you're probably looking for ways to cut costs, so scroll down for fantastic savings.

Use your Cape Coral deals to go sailing, get your house cleaned, try a new restaurant, buy special items in stores, go to the spa for a massage, and so much more.

The coupons come from Groupon and Living Social, both offer daily deals.  It's so easy, and you can join them yourself to get discounts where you live.  Then, while planning your vacation to Southwest Florida or if you live here, check my website for Cape Coral or your local area discounts.


Groupon offers daily deals of 50-90% off in over 140 cities all around the world!

Receive coupons for your area and when you come here, the same box will show Cape Coral restaurant coupons, and all kinds of services, classes, and items for a discounted price.

Or, just search for the Ft Myers/Cape Coral area in once you get into Groupon if you want to know what's on sale here.

When you sign up, Groupon sends you an email with the daily deal.

For instance, one daily deal I received was for $20 worth of food for $10, at a local restaurant.

Let's say you buy the deal ...... Groupon will then send you notification within 24 hours about when you can can print your coupon and how to check the status of your order.

When purchasing a deal, most of them expire in a couple of days, so you may need to act fast.

However, once you make the purchase, the deal is good for a limited time, any where from a month to a year in most cases.

If you end up not using the coupon before it expires, you can still use its monetary value towards other coupons from Groupon.

You can also buy coupons as gifts. It's a lot of fun and your email includes local and national discounts along with recipes, and questions and answers of the day.

Save money with local and Cape Coral Coupons
from Groupon sign up and give them a try!

Living Social

Living Social offers fantastic discounts of up to 90% off restaurants, spas, shows, boating, and much more.

When you sign up, you will receive an email with the offer of the day, buy it and you will receive a link to the coupon the next business day.

You will also receive a link that you can share with friends and if 3 of them buy the deal with your link, you get your deal for FREE.

The email shows additional discounts to purchase such as National Deals, Nearby Deals, Things to Do, and Travel Escapes.

You can also sign up for their Family Deals, if you prefer ......... it's so easy to try new things with Living Social.

Get out and live it up, explore Southwest Florida and save money with Cape Coral Coupons!

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