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Vineyard Community Church - Come to learn and worship, connect with believers, and experience God's love at this dynamic and welcoming Cape Coral church.

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Worship services are Sundays at 9AM and 10:30AM.

I call it rock and roll church because I really like the contemporary worship band and music, which plays both contemporary Christian songs and traditional hymns.

I also like that you can dress casually and relaxed, which is perfect for living in Florida.

Vineyard Community Church's mission is to transform our community and the world, one life at a time, starting out with those in need in Cape Coral and also with a global outreach.

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Babies are welcome at the nursery, located near the meeting hall ......... a crying room is also available with a TV so parents don't have to miss services.

Children up to middle school age can attend church upstairs at Vineyard Park.

Middle schoolers are dismissed halfway through the regular church service to attend their own Sunday school.

To help people really connect, the Vineyard has Community Groups that meet in homes for couples, families, teens, twenties, women, men, and singles, throughout the week for Bible study and socializing.

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In particular, are the youth groups for middle and high schoolers ....... which meet on Wednesday Nights at 6:30PM.

My daughter really enjoyed going to her youth group, not only because it was so much fun, but also because her faith and learning were deepened.

One of the ways Vineyard Community Church serves Cape Coral is with the Community Outreach Service, which provides free meals and groceries on Thursday nights at 5:30PM.

Free meals and bread are available before Sunday services, before and after Saturday service.

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So, come early and enjoy some breakfast, dinner, or a snack with friends old and new.

Free groceries, meals, and bread are available Thursday from 12-2PM.

Through car washes, open mic nights, and other church social activities, Vineyard Community Church reaches out in many ways.

The congregation of meets once a month for a community dinner, sometimes with a healing service or church baptisms.

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Pastor Jamie and Pastor Caleb are wonderful leaders and teachers,  Both pastors offer with clarity and a sense of humor a message of peace, hope, restoration, reconciliation, and most importantly, salvation.

I'm amazed how each week I hear something I need to hear that encourages me and speaks to my heart.

You may also want to check out Pastor Jamie's book, The Power of Ugly.

the power of ugly

Our worship team has come out with a CD of songs they've written themselves that you've got to hear!

Go to their website to listen to samples and see how Ugly Worship becomes beautiful and uplifting praise.

In the meantime, you can see them perform "My Redeemer Lives"

So, I invite you to come to Vineyard Community Church, where it's all about relationships .............. with God, with Jesus, and with each other!

Vineyard Church Cape Coral
923 SE 47th Terrace
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 9AM-3PM

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