Spring Training Baseball

Spring Training Baseball - watch your favorite teams play ball, one of the great things about being in Florida!

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd! 

It's winter time up north, but there's plenty of sunshine down here and we try to get to at least one spring training game each year.

There's nothing like the fun and excitement at a baseball game, along with the hot dogs, peanuts, and cheering for your team.

For baseball, Ft Myers has the Minnesota Twins playing at Hammond Stadium and the Boston Red Sox playing at JetBlue Park.

Hammond Stadium is out by the airport at 14100 Six Miles Cypress Pkwy, 2 miles west of I-75's exit 131, off of Daniel's Pkwy.  JetBlue Park is located off of Daniels Pkwy, which is also at exit 131 off of I-75.

The Red Sox used to play at City of Palms Park, but moved into their brand new facility in 2012.

Minnesota Twins Spring Training

minnesota twins spring training

We were fortunate to go to a Yankees/Twins game and it was pretty exciting!

Derek Jeter wasn't there that day, but we got to see A-Rod, who is up at bat in the video below.

Games sell out quickly but we were able to get spring training tickets online that were being sold by individuals through the teams' websites.

You have to pay more, but you don't have to pay as much as you would for a game up north.

There were also people selling tickets in the parking lot, so you can still get tickets at the last minute, but I have no idea how much they charge for them.

minnesota twins spring training tickets

For 2014, the stadium put in a new picnic pavilion and kid zone with bounce house and speed pitch.

hammond stadium

We were very happy with our seats, we were behind and to the right of the batter, section 207, in row 15.

There are 16 rows in the second tier, and we had the best of all worlds: a great view of the game, breezes from behind since we were near the top, and we were in the shade.

ft myers spring training

I would suggest that you get tickets above row 9 or 10 in the second tier so you can sit in the shade ....... it can get very hot in the sun for a 1PM game!

Make sure you get to the game well in advance, 15 minutes is not enough, we missed the first pitch because we were still parking.

Why do hot dogs taste so good at a baseball game?! Another reason to get there early so you can grab some ahead of the game.

You won't want to miss a single minute of a Ft Myers spring training baseball game!

To get more information, go to the team's website:

Minnesota Twins Spring Training

Boston Red Sox Spring Training

jetblue park ft myers fl

We got to go to a Red Sox game at the brand new JetBlue Park, also known as Fenway South!

It accommodates about 11,000 spectators, has 2 main tiers of seating, standing room and seating in the Green Monster, and a lawn section.

boston red sox spring training

The brand new baseball park just opened in 2012, and has many of the same features that Fenway Park has in Boston, such as Green Monster seating, a manual scoreboard and those famous Kayem hotdogs.

boston red sox spring training tickets

Food and beverages are sold in stands on the outer wall of the stadium and also from tents set up in front.

pinchers crab shack

The hotdog was delicious and I also got some Grouper Tacos ....... yum! They had a hint of spicyness that was just right.

The tacos were from Pinchers Crab Shack and you can also get Grouper Nuggets, Grouper Sandwiches, Crab Nachos, Crab Cakes, and Crab Rolls.

I wonder if Fenway Park North has Grouper Tacos and Crab Nachos?!

Even though our tickets were in the standing room section of the Green Monster, we still enjoyed the game.

We walked around a bit, went back and cheered for the Red Sox, and then were able to snag some seats towards the end of the game.

To see JetBlue Park and a bit of the game, watch the video below:

State-of-the-art training facilities at the park can be used year round, and the complex was built with the environment in mind.

For more information and spring training baseball tickets, go to:

Boston Red Sox Spring Training

jetblue park florida

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