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UPDATE January 2022: Site Sponsorships are no longer being offered.

Site Sponsorships are available at for local merchants to showcase their businesses.

  • If you're a website visitor, I offer these sponsorships to quality establishments in Cape Coral that I highly recommend.

My review page about each establishment is usually written before they become a sponsor.  If not, I only accept sponsors that I would patronize, endorse to my readers, and be comfortable building a page about.

Do you enjoy   Then please support my site's sponsors ......... they are the cream of the crop!

  • If you have a business in Cape Coral such as restaurant, hotel or accommodations, store, or service  and are interested in advertising, you can become a sponsor of 

Site Sponsorships are a form of local online advertising that reaches targeted customers on my website searching for information about: living, relocating to, snowbirding, or vacationing in Cape Coral. has been a labor of love since I started it in 2010, and I have built relationships with many of my website readers in my quest to help them have the best experience they can in Cape Coral.

My readers use my site to plan their trip or move to the Cape ........... and you can reach these potential customers before they get here! is not just lists of activities, places to go, or dry reviews ....... it's more than that ....... I include lots of personal experiences, insights, and stories, along with photographs and videos that I've taken myself.

Since my website is becoming a trusted authority on the best of the Cape, you will want to partner with me to bring more customers to your business.

One way to do that is through sponsorships in these types of business categories:

  • Hotels, Resorts
  • Motels, Inns, B & B's
  • $ Restaurants
  • $$ Restaurants
  • $$$ Restaurants
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Shopping
  • Real Estate
  • Rentals
  • Nightlife
  • Golf
  • Auto
  • Builders
  • Services
  • Miscellaneous

I accept one sponsorship for each category ........... this kind of exclusivity is an attractive feature of my program, allowing your business to really shine on my website!  I may open up, delete, or change categories in the future, but still limit the number. 

As a sponsor, your logo is placed in the right Navigation Bar on EVERY page of  As of January 2022, I average:

  • 500 pages
  • 600+ visitors/day
  • 66,000+ page views each month
  • An 80% local and 20% global audience
  • 1600 trimonthly newsletter subscribers
  • Posts on newsletter, blog, Facebook, Pinterest.

I just did some research, and did you know that YouTube,, and charge between $400,000-$450,000 for a "takeover page ad" for one day!  Twitter charges $100,000 for a "trending topic" ad, and Facebook charges $100,000 for a "log-out screen" ad ......... good grief.

One of our local newspapers charges $600 for a sponsorship ad to run for a month.

My sponsorship prices are definitely much more reasonable! 

  • Rates are $420 ....... that's $35/month ..... for a 1-year contract for first time sponsors so you can give it try.  If you renew, the rate will be $600/year.  

Here's what you get with your sponsorship:

  • Your logo in the right Nav Bar on every page of that will have a link on it to a webpage I've created about you to help attract more customers to you.
  • Your webpage will have either a link to your website or a Contact Form connected to your email.
  • Special mention during the course of your sponsorship in my trimonthly newsletter, Gator Bites.
  • Posts about your business in my blog, tweets, and Facebook pages, plus a photo on my Cape Coral Pinterest board ........... and additional posts if you have special promotions you want to advertise.

If you're unhappy about anything, please let me know ....... I want to build relationships with my site sponsors and be sure we have a win-win situation.

Putting local business ads online is becoming the way to go to get more exposure for your business, and the best value in advertising is site sponsorships on local websites!

Contact me to find out more about site sponsorships.

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