Rental Homes Cape Coral Florida

Rental Homes Cape Coral Florida - From single family homes, to condos, villas, and apartments - find terrific homes on or near the water.

Before I moved down to the Cape, I had my realtor in Connecticut connect me up with a rental agent down here through their company.

We emailed back and forth about different properties and narrowed it down to 10 rentals.

I flew down a month before moving, saw the rentals, chose one, and signed a lease!

My rental was managed by Miloff Aubuchon, an agency that does annual Cape Coral rentals, vacation home rentals, and also builds new homes.

cape coral rental

They know the market well and make renting a simple and pleasant experience.

If you are totally unfamiliar with Cape Coral, it is probably best if you go through an agency and not deal with an owner. Any problems are addressed quickly and forthrightly.

You will need security deposits of one or two months, first and last months rent, and credit checks. Leases usually are for 7-12 months.

Find out if your rent includes lawn and pool care.

If you are renting a brand new home, get cable instead of dish, dish requires the installation of equipment that the owner may not want.

Most rentals through an agency require you to hire a carpet cleaner after you finish renting. I would recommend budgeting for professional cleaning of the rental as well.

The city is fortunate to finally have 2 new, affordable,  and very attractive apartment rental complexes to serve a great need for local residents ....... Midtown Cape Coral and Coralina Apartments.

midtown cape coral

They feature the latest in home decor, attractive landscaping, and amenities such as pool, work-out room, game room, picnic areas, plus more ........ both with a great location in the SW Cape.

Attractive apartment rental living is now an option for teachers, nurses, firefighters ........ etc, and newlyweds, young families, and retirees.

coralina apartments
rental homes cape coral florida

Go to my home tips page to find out more about pest control, sprinklers, and more; things you will need to know about the care of your Cape Coral rental.

annual cape coral rentals

I would also advise anyone wanting to buy a home in Cape Coral to rent first, that way you can find out exactly where on the Cape you would like to live.

If you have children and don't want to keep moving them around, an option is to rent in a gated community and then if you like it there, buy a house or have one built.

Check out Sandoval first, a family-oriented gated community with pools, tennis courts, a clubhouse with activities, and more. It is beautiful here, you feel like you're always on vacation!

For either annual or vacation Cape Coral Rentals, contact Mark Miloff:

I highly recommend Mark ....... he's the best person to help find the best rental homes Cape Coral Florida has for you!

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