Fleamasters - Yowzah, yowzah, yowzah, they sell everything from soup to nuts at this fantastic Fort Myers flea market!

And I mean everything ........ you will find antiques, collectibles, garage sales, tropical plants, fresh local produce, art, and all kinds of new merchandise, crafts, services, and even pets.

The fleamarket isn't pretty to look at from the outside, but who cares when you have one-stop shopping from over 900 shops and all at great prices!

The market is under cover, with lots of fans, and air conditioning in some spaces, so you will be comfortable and dry.


There are 2 buildings, as well as produce booths and plants for sale set up outside.

ft myers flea market

The Main Market building is set up as a grid system of 5 main colored aisles crossed by 4 lettered aisles.

fleamasters flea market

Seller's spaces are lined up on both sides of each aisle with tables of merchandise along the middle as well, with restrooms and food court.

things to do in ft myers florida

The other building is the Grand Pavilion, which mainly has art, antiques, collectibles, and a music hall for live music and performances.

things to do in ft myers

It has 2 main aisles crossed by 3 shorter aisles with the music hall in the middle.

flea market shows

They sell all kinds of crazy things at the flea market: ninja swords, popcorn shirts, wigs, billiards supplies, cowboy boots, remote control toys, crocs, golf clubs, jewelry, clothing, shampoo, sunglasses, home decor, cars, motorcycles, trailers, and birds and puppies.

flea market puppies

Looking for gifts and souvenirs? You'll find them here ....... how about a gator head!

fleamasters ft myers

You can also enjoy services like: have a new key made, get new prescription glasses, have your hair done ........ or even start your own business, test out new products at the fleamarket, or sell out excess inventory.

ft myers shopping

Fleamasters is constantly changing as vendors come and go, some have been there for years, some only come once.

You can rent space for a day, a weekend, a month or longer term.

Prices start at $22-32 for the day, $60-90 for the weekend, and $212-352 for the month, depending on where your space is.

There's tons of foot traffic and you can get an idea how your product might sell at a low risk.

It may be a good way to supplement your income if you have a hobby, make crafts or art work.


They are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday year round from 9AM-5PM, rain or shine, with an extended schedule before Christmas.

Come to their Watermelon Festival in June and Pumpkin Festival in October.

I've never seen a flea market like this one, you will definitely want to add it to your things to do in Fort Myers list.

I'm sure you'll find something special at Fleamasters!

For a directory of vendors, schedule of live events, flea market map, and rental pricing, go to:

Dr ML King Jr Blvd (SR 82), Ft Myers
1 1/4 miles west of Exit 138, I-75
Thu, Fri, Sat 9-5

flea masters

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