Executive Valet Parking

Executive Valet Parking is a great option if you are looking for Fort Myers airport parking but you want to save money.

Airport parking at Southwest International Airport has gone up to $11/day and $60/week for long term parking, whereas Executive Valet charges $7.99/day and $49.99/week.

Now, be aware that Executive adds a $3 fuel surcharge and 6% tax to their fees and airport parking does not. 

So, in some cases, depending how long you are parking for, it may be less expensive to park at the airport or take the limo.  Executive Valet does have sales every now and then where you can buy pre-paid parking cards for $4.99/day, so keep an eye out for those sales.

executive valet parking

You can also buy pre-paid vouchers for 7, 10, 14, 21, and 30 days at discounted rates.

rsw airport parking

Executive Valet is so easy to use, make your reservation online, just drive to their convenient location at Commerce Park near the airport, pull up to their covered entrance, and let their friendly and helpful valets load your luggage onto their shuttle bus.

fort myers airport parking

When you return from your trip, you will find Executive's shuttle back to your car downstairs.

After you get your bags, go outside and walk to the left until you are in front of airport entrance #1, numbers are over each entrance.

Cross the street and head towards the car rentals which are on the bottom floor of the parking garage.

Walk to the left along the knee wall and keep going until you see the Executive Valet Parking shuttle kiosk.

parking kiosk

If you are the only one waiting, you can go ahead and give them a call with the phone provided. Otherwise, they should have a shuttle on it's way right away!

Your car should be waiting for you at their lot, comfortably cooled off, with your charged bill in the car, all ready to go.

Snacks, beverages, and restrooms are available inside the main building.

executive valet parking ft myer

Executive brings more personalized customer care by providing extra services that include in and out car washing, or waxing, interior detailing, complete detailing, and headlight restoration for an extra charge.

Join their Express Club to earn points for free parking and car care, speedy check-ins and check-outs, and email receipts for business travelers.

An option for snowbirds, seasonal residents, and those who may be traveling back and forth is to consider parking their car at Executive Valet during season, which lasts from November 1 - April 30, for the flat rate of $499.

You can enter and leave as much as you want ....... ask for prorated prices for shorter stays, or consider their monthly parking rate of $125.

Contact them for more information and to make reservations:

Executive Valet Parking
10431 Radar Court
Off Treeline Ave South, Ft Myers

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