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Cape Coral Auto - Car dealerships and tips for the care of your car in our tropical weather.

Cape Coral has two new-and-used car dealers, both are located on Pine Island Rd.

Fuccillo Kia of Cape Coral just opened in January 2011, and is home of the HUGE deal.

Roger Dean Chevrolet has been in business for many years and was the first full-service dealer in Cape Coral.

Otherwise, you'll need to go to Ft Myers for other kinds of car dealerships, but they are conveniently located in 2 areas close by.  Just go over the Midpoint Bridge and hit the several dealers on Colonial Blvd, or head south on the Tamiami Trail, Route 41.

Cape Coral Auto Care Tips

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For the care of your cars Cape Coral weather is a definite factor you will want to consider.

It is hot and humid for much of the year, with a dry season November - May and a rainy season June - October.

To start with, I'd like to suggest that you keep a couple of small purse umbrellas handy in your car for the typical afternoon downpours that occur during rainy season.

If the weather is threatening, grab one for just in case, so you won't get stuck in a store while you wait the storm out.

  • In Cape Coral auto care begins with your windshield wiper blades, the rubber inserts are subject to heat attacks. Make sure they are in good shape before rainy season starts at the end of spring, usually in June. I've noticed I have to change them more often than I did when I lived in Connecticut.
  • Tires, belts, and hoses are also made of rubber and need to be checked more often. The extra heat thrown off from the asphalt adds stress to your tires.
  • In a heavy downpour, slow down to avoid hydroplaning. Because of the heat, oils rise to the surface of the road and then the rain makes them very slick. You are more likely to hydroplane with bald tires. Give yourself plenty of time when you are slowing down for a traffic light.
  • Batteries need to be changed more often down here in Florida, they have a life of only about 2 years.
  • Your radiator should be checked regularly to make sure it can handle your car's cooling and air conditioning demands.
  • Tinted windows are popular because it cuts down on the sun and heat in your car, but you should test drive a car with tinted windows first because it also cuts down on visibility, particularly at night. I chose not to tint my car windows, I felt I couldn't see well enough through the tinted windows.
  • Get yourself a reflective windshield shade while your car is parked so it won't be such a sauna in the car or your hands won't get burned on the steering wheel.
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  • We get a lot of lovebugs hatching in April. If you end up having a lot of lovebugs crushed on your car, there is something in them that will damage the paint on the car, so you need to have the car washed right away.

That should be no problem, because in Cape Coral car washes are everywhere!

If you are snowbirding and plan to store a car here while you are up north, this is something important to know.

For storing the car inside you need to run your tank low with gas because it will go stale, and you will need to add fuel stabilizer to maintain octane levels.

For storing the car outside fill up the tank before you leave to avoid condensation build-up.

Follow these helpful tips and your car will have less problems and last longer!

Scroll down for links to Ft Myers and Cape Coral auto dealers.  Use the widget below to find auto parts through Amazon:

Click right here to find the cheapest gas prices in Cape Coral.

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