BabyQuip - Attention Moms and Grammas, we rent baby gear such as car seats, strollers, cribs, and so much more.  Pack light travel happy!

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If you are vacationing in the Cape Coral/Fort Myers area with young children   and don't want to drag baby equipment around, you might want to consider renting it.

Or, if you live here and you don't want to store baby equipment for visiting babies and toddlers .... renting it could be the perfect solution. 

My daughter and I are now renting out baby gear.  We have 40+ items that you can rent for you or your visitors' stay.

It's so easy ...... all you have to do is to go to our rental page on BabyQuip and select the items and dates you need.  The process is streamlined to make reservations simple to do.

Our items are gently used and checked for wear and tear, as well as for safety issues and recalls.  We sanitize our items before and after each rental.

We offer several delivery options, including contactless or with masks for drop-off, set-up-breakdown, and pick-up.  You can also pick-up and drop-off if you prefer to save costs.

Our service is a life-saver for many families who appreciate that "less is more" when it comes to traveling with kids.

rent baby gear

We also clean and sanitize baby gear for those of you who live locally and just don't have the time or inclination to clean it. 

Did you know that strollers and car seats, in particular, harbor tons of bacteria and should be sanitized every 3 months?

It's hard sometimes to find the time to get that job done, and in this new era of viruses, you may find that you want to make sure your baby's things are as clean as they can possibly be and now you have another option ..... we can clean it for you!

We don't disinfect, instead, we sanitize gear by using natural products that won't harm your baby's sensitive immune system.

We offer several packages for cleaning your baby gear.

Before Cleaning and Sanitizing


After Cleaning and Sanitizing

baby gear cleaning

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