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Gator Bites, Issue #031 -Whoop it Up in Cape Coral!
March 08, 2013

Cape Coral Nightlife, Nevermind, Anthonys, Captiva

We're just getting through a bit of a cold spell with rainy and cloudy days, but should be getting back to the low 80's in a few days.

For all of you up north getting tired of being snowed in, hop on a plane, get in your car .......... as soon as the airports reopen and the roads are cleared, of course ........ and come on down!

This past month, I built pages about Cape Coral nightlife and yay! .......... got started on Captiva pages.

Scroll down to see:

Cape Coral Nightlife includes waterfront bars, tiki huts, dance places, comedy, open mic nights, music festivals, and plenty of restaurants that feature live music.

There's no reason to sit at home or the hotel and be bored, get out and have some fun!

Nevermind Bar is one of the newest bars on the scene and fills a void in the Cape with their modern, hipster ambience, food, and cocktails.

If you like a cozy and intimate setting, with friendly people and nouvelle cuisine ...... go to Nevermind ......... and get their burger!

Anthonys on the Blvd is your spot in Cape Coral for comedy, great Italian and American food, plus daily and weekly specials.

Well, I got my Captiva section started!

I've got lots of photos and videos up to show off this fabulous vacation spot that you'll definitely want to check out:

Captiva Hotels
Captiva Island Inn
Jensens Marina and Twin Palm Cottages Jensens on the Gulf
Tween Waters Inn
South Seas Island Resort

I've got 2 new boards on my Come to SW Florida Pinterest for you to see:

  • Cool Beach Bags
  • Beach Bod

Keep checking back to see my new boards and new photos.

Pic 'O the Month

I ordered some of the cool beach bags that I designed at my Zazzle store, Jellyfishy Designs.

I'm very impressed with the beach bags ....... the canvas material, sewing, and printing of my photographs on the bags are all of a good quality. They're very roomy so you can load them up with beach gear.

Before you know it, you're going to need a beach bag once the weather gets warm ....... or even sooner if you plan to escape the winter by coming down to Florida for vacation! I hope you like my bags ....... I will keep adding designs and more items to my store.

Meanwhile, here's a photo of my favorite design so far ....... the beautiful, tropical Bird-of-Paradise:

The Cape Coral Jazz and Blues Festival is coming up on March 23rd. Have a Happy St Patricks Day!



Sunset Celebration the first Wednesday of the month.
Creative Coast Weekends the second Friday during season.
Art and Music Walks first and third Saturdays.
Live music and Ladies Night at Longboards at The Joint on Tuesdays and half-price pizzas on Wednesday.
Live music at The Nauti Mermaid on the weekends.
Check to see what Cape Coral Festivals are happening this month.
Get ideas for things to do by going to Cape Coral Attractions.

Come to Cape Coral for vacation!

Flights to Cape Coral
Cape Coral Car Rentals
Cape Coral Hotels
Cape Coral Resorts
Cape Coral Motels
Bed and Breakfasts
Vacation Homes

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Jellyfishy Designs
For those of you who have read Weird Cape Coral, but haven't found the treasure yet, here are some hints:

Look for 3 places in the ebook where it says "treasure" in blue. Click on it, because each is a link to one of 3 pages on my website.

Each page is a place that I think is a treasure in Cape Coral.

Once you figure out the 3 places, email me from my Contact Me page and I will send you a password to a secret page with more information about buying real estate here in Cape Coral.

Have fun.......if you need help -> Contact Me

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