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Gator Bites, Issue #045 - Another Island Paradise!
February 06, 2015

Beautiful North Captiva!

Wow! I'm sure glad I'm down here ..... we've had a couple of gloomy days with plenty of sunny ones with temps in the low 70's.

In this issue, I took a break from writing about Cape Coral and built pages about North Captiva.

For a fabulous get-away-from-civilization type of vacation, go to the island of North Captiva. We took a family vacation there and had a great time. You can only get there by boat or plane .... but it's worth it!

The island has beautiful vacation homes of sizes, styles, and prices. Go to my North Captiva Island Rentals and Real Estate for more information.

For things to do, there are beautiful beaches, lots of wildlife, pool and tennis courts through one of two resort clubs, a few restaurants, small grocery store, and gift shop on North Captiva Island.

Scroll down to see the other fun activity you can enjoy while on the island:

Pic 'O the Month

The only way to get around North Captiva is by golf cart. We had so much fun exploring the island this way and you will too!

Festivals and events for the next 2 months:

Bike Night

Burrowing Owl Festival

Cape Coral Irish Festival

Jazz and Blues Festival

My next newsletter will come out the beginning of April.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

I'd like to recommend my Site Sponsors:

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Bayview Bed and Breakfast is a delightful waterfront inn on the Cape Coral side of Matlacha. Relax, enjoy nature, go canoeing and kayaking, and check out area boutiques and galleries.

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Sunset Celebration the first Wednesday of the month.
Art and Music Walks first and third Saturdays.
Live music and Ladies Night at Longboards at Fathoms on Tuesdays and half-price pizzas on Wednesday.
Live music at The Nauti Mermaid on the weekends.
Check to see what Cape Coral Festivals are happening this month.
Get ideas for things to do by going to Cape Coral Attractions.

Come to Cape Coral for vacation!

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For those of you who have read Weird Cape Coral, but haven't found the treasure yet, here are some hints:

Look for 3 places in the ebook where it says "treasure" in blue. Click on it, because each is a link to one of 3 pages on my website.

Each page is a place that I think is a treasure in Cape Coral.

Once you figure out the 3 places, email me from my Contact Me page and I will send you a password to a secret page with more information about buying real estate here in Cape Coral.

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