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Gator Bites, Issue #030 - Cape Coral Fun!
February 09, 2013

Cape Coral Parks, Sports, and Art Plus Jimbos and Fletchers

Well, while there's a blizzard happening in Connecticut, where I used to live, we are enjoying gorgeous weather in the low 80's ...... so all of you up north ..... come on down!

This past month, I got pages built that highlight Cape Coral Art, Cape Coral Sports, and Cape Coral Parks.

I also built a page about Jimbos, a popular local greasy spoon with 50 different burgers!

I gave The Hangout a new page with it's new name, Fletchers. if you've still not eaten there yet, you should definitely get over to this fine dining restaurant with excellent food!

Scroll down to find out what else I did!

Cape Coral Art - There are lots of different opportunities to see great art in and around Cape Coral. We have a wonderful art festival in January, art galleries, art nights in Ft Myers and Matlacha, art museums in Naples and St Petersburg, 2 art leagues for taking classes, and different venues for selling art.

Cape Coral Parks - Did you know that Cape Coral has 39 parks and recreation centers?! We have parks with playing fields, golf, playgrounds, beaches, boat and kayak launches, exercise equipment, tennis, racquetball, walking paths, BMX, skating and biking, and of course, Sunsplash Family Waterpark.

The great thing about living in Florida is being able to enjoy the outdoors year round, so get outside and enjoy nature!

Cape Coral Sports - Sports lovers will want to go to spring training baseball games to see the Red Sox or Twins, as well as the local team, the Ft Myers Miracle. Take the bus to watch Miami Dolphins football, or go to Germain Arena in Ft Myers for Everblades ice hockey games. Learn how to play golf, go kayaking ...... and coming up this spring, Cape Coral will have their very own professional soccer team, The Hurricanes.

Jimbos - Jimbos is the place to for burgers and they have 50 different mouthwatering combinations! Come by boat or by car, come for breakfast and for diner favorites.

Fletchers - I rebuilt the webpage for this restaurant that used to be called The Hangout. Go for the ribs, coconut shrimp, and artfully prepared entrees.

I started a Pinterest account and have boards that you'll want to see:

  • Beach Wedding Ideas
  • Relax
  • Cool Places to Stay
  • Best Beaches

Keep checking back as I will keep adding new photos to them, and making new boards.

I have also opened a Zazzle store called Jellyfishy Designs. I've designed several beach bags for sale. Go to my Cool Beach Bags page to see them!

Another thing I've been up to is the behind-the-scenes preparation for my new Captiva site, and I should have some pages up for the next Gator Bites issue.

Pic 'O the Month

Feast your eyes on this Triple Onion Burger from Jimbos!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!



Sunset Celebration the first Wednesday of the month.
Creative Coast Weekends the second Friday during season.
Art and Music Walks first and third Saturdays.
Live music and Ladies Night at Longboards at The Joint on Tuesdays and half-price pizzas on Wednesday.
Live music at The Nauti Mermaid on the weekends.
Check to see what Cape Coral Festivals are happening this month.
Get ideas for things to do by going to Cape Coral Attractions.

Come to Cape Coral for vacation!

Flights to Cape Coral
Cape Coral Car Rentals
Cape Coral Hotels
Cape Coral Resorts
Cape Coral Motels
Bed and Breakfasts
Vacation Homes

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For those of you who have read Weird Cape Coral, but haven't found the treasure yet, here are some hints:

Look for 3 places in the ebook where it says "treasure" in blue. Click on it, because each is a link to one of 3 pages on my website.

Each page is a place that I think is a treasure in Cape Coral.

Once you figure out the 3 places, email me from my Contact Me page and I will send you a password to a secret page with more information about buying real estate here in Cape Coral.

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