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Gator Bites, Issue #037 - Owls, Wildlife, Holiday Village
November 01, 2013

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

Ahhhhhhh ...... the weather has gotten better, temperatures have dropped to the 80's and we've had a break in the humidity. this is the time of the year when the weather in Cape Coral is perfect!

If you are here already or are planning on coming down soon, it's a great time to go fishing! Contact Venture Out and charter your fishing trip today ...... we have fantastic fishing in the Cape Coral area, from flats to nearshore to offshore fishing.

We also have in Cape Coral, the largest population in the world of a particular kind of bird ..........

.......... burrowing owls! These cute little owls build their burrows in the ground and are actually protected by our city.

You can see white pipes bordering their burrows and perches around Cape Coral.

Go to my Burrowing Owls page for more information!

Cape Coral is home to all kinds of interesting wildlife. We have all kinds of shore birds, reptiles such as lizards, turtles, and alligators,; manatees, dolphins, armadillos, and interesting insects such as love bugs and dragonflies.

Go to my Florida Wildlife to see pictures, stories, and more information!

Did you know that from thanksgiving through the first 2 weeks of December, Captiva has lots of holiday festivities that are an absolute blast!

Arias on the beach, parades, luminaria walks, carol sings, and decorations all over the village are some of the happenings at the Captiva Holiday Village.

Well, I decided to move my ComeToCaptiva website, which I built this past spring, over to Come-to-Cape-Coral. All of those pages are now at my new Captiva section on Come-to-Cape-Coral.

If you didn't have a chance to check out Captiva's restaurants, hotels, real estate, vacation rentals, shopping, things to do, boat rentals, history before, go to my Captiva page which has links to all other Captiva pages!

Pic 'O the Month

I just added a new photo to my Cape Coral History page.

It's a picture of George's Auto on Cape Coral and Coronado Pkwys, the location of the first building in Cape Coral, which was the sales office of the famed Rosen Brothers, the first developers of our city.

Need a realtor? Want to go fishing? I'd like to recommend my Site Sponsors:

George Patton and Associates - Real Estate - George is the best! He found me my place, which I absolutely love. Several of my Come-to-Cape-Coral readers have used him as well, and he has been able to find them homes too.

Venture Out - Fishing - The Cape Coral area has some of the best fishing in the world and Venture Out offers all kinds of fishing charters. Contact them, everything is taken care of for you, all you have to do is set the date and show up!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,


Sunset Celebration the first Wednesday of the month.
Creative Coast Weekends the second Friday during season.
Art and Music Walks first and third Saturdays.
Live music and Ladies Night at Longboards at The Joint on Tuesdays and half-price pizzas on Wednesday.
Live music at The Nauti Mermaid on the weekends.
Check to see what Cape Coral Festivals are happening this month.
Get ideas for things to do by going to Cape Coral Attractions.

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