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Gator Bites, Issue #029 - New Stuff for the New Year!
January 04, 2013

Happy New Year!

This issue of Gator Bites is short and sweet, due to Christmas busyness and because I was sick in bed for 4 days with the flu. Whew! Glad that's over with.

Weather has been in the upper 70's to 80 degrees with lots of sunny days or sun and clouds.

I hope that you will have a terrific 2013! Well, I have big plans for the year........ so, scroll on down to find out what they are.

But first, the 3 pages about Vocelli Pizza, Moes Southwest Grill, and Berts Bar.

Vocellis Pizza has the best delivery pizza in the Cape. We love their pepperoni pizza ....... the pepperonis are teeny and very very crispy ........ so yummy!

Moes Southwest Grill is the place to go for delicious, fast, and inexpensive Mexican food. It's casual, family-dining at it's best.

We also get a kick out of the fact that when anyone walks in, all the employees shout out "Welcome to Moe's"!

If you like to go out dancing, a really fun place to go is Berts Bar. They have local bands, good food, and a waterfront spot just before you go over the bridge into Matlacha.

We especially like Deb and the Dynamics, they play most Thursday nights at Berts. Shrimp and seafood specials are served that night, and they have other food specials Monday - Saturday.

Cafe Pignoli got new owners earlier in 2012, I made a new page about them under their new name, Pignoli on the Harbour. The food is still amazing, and they have some of the same weekly specials plus new ones.

Now for the changes and new items for

  • First of all, my Cape Coral Blog has a new look to make it more attractive and easier to read, so if you haven't seen it yet, you'll want to check it out!
  • I will be developing products to sell. I'm hoping to design some beach bags and Cape Coral souvenirs for starters. I'm also hoping to sell some of my photography and paintings.
  • I will be starting a new website later on this month about Captiva Island called!
  • Later on in the year, I hope to start a website about Sanibel. I will continue to build pages about Cape Coral ....... I still have plans for about 40-50 more pages for Cape Coral!
  • I will be starting a Pinterest account soon with photos, recipes, and more.
  • I will also try offering products and deals through Amazon for such things as boating and supplies, golf equipment, and more.

Pic 'O the Month

Here is a photo of one of the boats from the Cape Coral Christmas Boat Parade 2012!

Have a good January and for those of you up north, stay warm!



Sunset Celebration the first Wednesday of the month.
Creative Coast Weekends the second Friday during season.
Art and Music Walks first and third Saturdays.
Live music and Ladies Night at Longboards at The Joint on Tuesdays and half-price pizzas on Wednesdays.
Live music at The Nauti Mermaid Wednesday - Saturday nights.
Check to see what Cape Coral Festivals are happening this month.
Get ideas for things to do by going to Cape Coral Attractions.

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