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Gator Bites, Issue #013-All About Sandoval, Marina Village, and Beaches
September 02, 2011

Sandoval, Marina Village, Beaches, and Lots More!

Hi from Tammy!

Well, Hurricane Irene missed us and ended up wreaking havoc in Connecticut, where I used to live. I saw on the news where people from New Jersey were flying into our SWFL airport to escape the hurricane ........ CRAZY! You just never know ....

I got a lot of pages up last month with lots of pictures and videos of Sandoval, Marina Village, beaches, a romantic inn, parks, restaurants, a spa, and the Dolphins Express!

If you haven't yet, you might want to go to my hurricanes page:
About Hurricanes

Sandoval is a beautiful gated community in Cape Coral and I wanted to show some of the homes and neighborhoods, up the boulevard, amenities like the parks, pools, clubhouse; and feature the builders, so I built these pages:

Sandoval Homes
Barkley Park
Lagoon Style Pool
Community Clubhouse
Pulte Homes
DR Horton Homes
Taylor Morrison homes

Marina Village is Cape Coral's luxury resort. I revamped the main page, added 2 new pages about our 2 vacations there, and a page about the Silver King Deli. Again, I've got pix and vids:

The Resort at Marina Village
Marina Village Cape Coral
Silver King Deli

We also went to a restaurant in Matlacha that has gorgeous water views. You can watch the mullet jump while eating dinner at the Sandy Hook. I even took a video of the mullet and put it on the Sandy Hook page:

Sandy Hook

I noticed that I messed up the link to Micelis Restaurant last month ..... oooooooops! Here it is again:

Micelis Restaurant

I have a page already up about our Cape Coral Beach at the Yacht Club, and last month, I added more beach pages:

Cape Coral Beaches
Ft Myers Beaches
Lovers Key Beach

I'm right in the middle of some more pages about Yacht Club Beach. I'll give you the links next month.

I hope to add pages about Sanibel and Captiva too, guess I'll have to go there cuz I need more photos and videos ........ well, twist my arm! :D

And, last but not least, also with pix and vids:

I hit the Local Dog Show at Rotary Park ..... very cute!

I wrote a page about my favorite Cape Coral Spa, Heart and Soul Massage ...... check it out, my daughter Sophie works there!

I found out about the Dolphins Express bus that you catch in Ft Myers so you don't have to drive all the way to Miami to watch a Dolphins football game ...... cool!

Pic 'O the Month

For the Pic 'O the Month, I love these mailboxes that you see all over Southwest Florida:

Happy September,


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For those of you who have read Weird Cape Coral, but haven't found the treasure yet, here are some hints:

Look for 3 places in the ebook where it says "treasure" in blue. Click on it, because each is a link to one of 3 pages on my website.

Each page is a place that I think is a treasure in Cape Coral.

Once you figure out the 3 places, email me from my Contact Me page and I will send you a password to a secret page with more information about buying real estate here in Cape Coral.

Have fun.......if you need help, Contact Me.

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